Flashlights in Literature

I recently read Back On Murder by J. Mark Bertrand. Here's a taste...

"A steady banging starts up not long after. At first I ignore it, but as my head clears and I awaken fully, the sound takes on a panicked intensity. Feeling around in the dark, I grab my flashlight, a tiny Fenix that puts my old Maglite to shame, and head down the stairs."


"We have nothing to fear but fear itself as long as we shall be accompanied by our trusty Fandyfire!"...Sir Winston Churchill :)

"We can't stop here, this is SureFire country." - Hunter S. Thompson

Oh Star light star bright how far does FandyFire shine the light......."Author Unknowen

“Three men at McAlister state penitentiary had larger Maglights than Lamar Pye…” Stephen Hunter, Dirty White Boys

So Nike shoes have what to do with this topic? Spam. Marked.

For humor's sake I'd like to see a Uranusfire light in literature.

The last thing I want to do is open a book and find Uranusfire in it...............lol

when she finally stood up, i asked her "hows uranusfire" - penthouse

"He took out his military issue 9mm Beretta and a Surefire 6P flashlight. He utilized the Harries flashlight technique - the back of his support hand, which held the flashlight, pressing against the back of his shooting hand. His particular model of flashlight had the on/off switch conveniently located on the tail cap. This would allow him to keep the light off until he needed it."

The Shepherd - Ethan Cross

A thriller featuring a troubled ex-cop, a sadistic serial killer, a corrupt sheriff - the best and worst of small-town America!

"And said God let there be lumens, and there was SunFire" The book of genesis