Flashlights I've had

I’m wondering if you all would be so kind as to tell me if the flashlights I’ve had, and currently have, are any good? Gotta know if I’m barking up the right tree, or if I need to scrap everything I think I know and start reading more before another purchase. Lol Also if the places I’m thinking of shopping are worth it…

So I’ve recently bought a lot of cheap knives on these Chinese sites like AliExpress, DHGate, Gear Best, Wish and, even Amazon. And I see that at least a few of them also offer flashlights, which of course they claim to be 10-50k lumens. That part I couldn’t honestly care less about, I just want to know if they’re worth it, given they’re all around to under $10 each? So far their knives have actually been quite decent quality, surprisingly.

As for flashlights I’ve had at one point or currently have:

NiteCore Sense - Had, I have no idea what happened to this one, I had it and liked it, but it was pretty weak, so I probably gave it to someone.

J5 Tactical - Had it, I loathe anything that uses the word tactical, because I immediately know it means “tacticool” and it makes me cringe, but this little light bangs out some serious brightness. I’m floored by it, and it was only like $5 at the time. Now they’re around $15 on Amazon, but since my girlfriend claimed mine for her bug out bag, I feel a need to replace it.

Walmart mini bat/batton/light thingy - no name brand or anything, just saw it, thought it was cool, was picking up a gun I’d just purchased and thought it would be good for a car backup, so I picked up one for me and the lady each. 140 lumens, not terrible, but I see similar stuff on FleaBay for half the cost, claiming 9k lumens. Lol impulse buying, my biggest problem.

I won’t bother talking much about my Maglight for the car. I think it’s like 10 lumens, yellow beam junker I should never have wasted my money on. But Bi-Mart had them half off one day and it looked like a nice club for some protesters head should they try blocking a road I’m on. And by that I totally mean the single lumen bulb shining in the eyes inside their head… Yeah, totally what I meant. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Mini Perman - Just bought on Amazon, was “Amazon’s Choice” item, needed one thinner that could fit in a little adjustable angle belt clip I’d recently purchased because I liked. Was only $7, claimed 1000 lumens, figured “where’s the harm?”

Brite Strike penlight - Would absolutely love this if it wasn’t so darned thin. I know that’s the point, and intended purpose, as it would be great for a pocket light, but it’s also a tad too long for my liking as well. Still, as an overall, it’s a great night light. Not super bright, but works well as a bedside or bug out backup.

My wife says that’s the problem— I still have most of the lights I’ve ever bought— modded— screwed up :person_facepalming: :person_facepalming:



Well I really loved my J5 Tactical so I’ll be getting that one again, as a backpack backup if nothing else.

I had ordered this Perman from Amazon, claimed to be 1000 lumen with AAA, but it’s more like 100. Which is still plenty of light for in home use, in all honesty. So I’ll keep it around.