Flashlights that i design :) (Need comments)

Hello everyone!

I have just created this account not long as im more of a lurker and hardly post. For the past months i have been trying to design my own flashlight design using autocad and would like to share my design with you guys.

I dont know if the design will suit everyone taste but here is the 5 designs and some interesting information of my design

Let the pic do the talking instead ( i copy them from the ppt slide i made ;x)

Warning:My english might not be perfect and the spec for the flashlight is for reference

If the response is good. Im intending to send my design to one of the company like Fenix,solarforce,thrunite,jetbeam,olight,xtar and other brands

The heat sink of mine is a whole chunk of aluminium as seen on the second last pic. If you guys have any questions, i will try my best to answer you.

Any idea if i can do a poll on this?

What do you guys think of the designs? good or bad? negative comments is always needed for improvement :)


Welcome to BLF, hansheng :D

About your flashlights - nice designs, personally prefer #3 (with 1 emitter). #1 with 3 XMLs would be awesome too :D

PS: and don't forget to add antialising to your renders ;)


nice designs.

Design #1 is really nice and I like #4. On #4 I would change the tail. The head is square, why not using a square tail, too? At the moment it looks like a mixture of two design (round and square), so I would prefer a square tail/head and a round middel part for the hand).

#3 sounds real interesting. How long is it in total? What price range will the be in?

Really like having the usable low...

I Like number 2.

Short fatty body is great! I have triple 18650 body torches and their an extremely practical form factor. Maybe the head doesnt need to be soo big, but a throwy 4x18650 would be great fun.

Hejsan Hansheng and welcome to BLF!

I like your design #1 and #3.

Is the driver that you list (4 modes, no blinking, 2 x CR123A OR 1 x 18650) an existing one or just your idea of a good driver? If it exists can you provide a link?

I like the first one. I think would be an excellent thrower.

I make project for some company and if i can give you a suggestion, before send your project, you have to make a good valuation of the cost (full industrial cost) because it's the first thing they want to know.

I like #2. For multiple XM-L's a multiple cell in parallel approach is better.

And I like the shape of #5. Doubt I'd be able to afford either though.

Accomplishing IPX-8 is not cheap.

Good luck with your designs.

Edit: It would be better to reflow solder the LEDs directly to the heatsink. The fewer thermal interfaces the better.

Hi, and welcome to BLF !

I really like #1 and #2 and it would be nice to see them come to life. How ever I don't think that chinese companies are gone like that "1 inch thick solid aluminium" part All they care about it cost, they are so rigorous that they drill out led pills just to save a few grams of alu.

You could also consider triple 18650 configuration for #2 to reduce tube diameter for some 5-6 mm.

I like #1 & #2 designs the best. Especially with 3 XM-L.

Though everyone's choice for modes is different, I like to see Medium and Low shifted down. 50% will be almost as bright as High. So Medium is better at about 25%. Then Low could be about 5%. Then have your ultra low at 0.1%. I think that will space the modes out better.

And yeah, reflow direct onto aluminum is best.

Thanks guys for your comments! i really need it.

now i shall answer all your qn :) I here thanks all of you for the valueable comment

SashiX - do you have any idea how i can add antialising to my design?

Buwuve - noted your comment! i will change the tailcap design and repost soon!

tbenedict - The lenght is 166mm in my drawing, it will be slighly longer then regular flashlight because of the heat sink :) As for the price range, it depend on the company that wants my design. i do not make flashlight as i do not have the equiment to start with.

okwchin - I will try different heads for the flashlight and update you guys, this design is my fav

Huny74 - the driver is just an idea of mine and the mode is for reference only, i dont know have the ablilty to design my driver and i dont have to knoweladge to :x

Be-Seen Trike - yes! of cos, i really hope that some flashlight company will help me make my dream come true. Its sad that i could not make this flashlight myself

Davx - Thanks for your help! may i know how can i find the cost for my product? i do not know the cost of the metal and stuff. can someone help me?

Don - thanks! you are right, i also have a better idea of placing the LED on the heatsink. will do the drawing soon.

chiefinspectorfinch - my first design for it is a 3 x 18650 but i find out that the size only increase a little for 4 x 18650 and for more power it is kind of worth it :)

jb1 - Thanks!

brted - Noted!, but the driver part i do not have the say if im going for company to help me :C

srfreddy - yeah man :)

today my friend who is working in xtar is showing his company my designs but i heard from him that his best friend who is the designer and engineer of their company commented that i should work harder for my design. look like there is little hope for me.


flashlight 1 - 6

flashlight 2 - 4

flashlight 3 - 3

flashlight 4 - 1

flashlight 5 - 1

Haven't opened my AutoCAD in years. But looks like you just takin' shots of what you see. Remember "Render" option out there, it applies antialiasing and better lighting, just for better presentation

If at first you don't succeed try try again :) Keep it up, pal ;)

good to know you like it. anyway the mode is for refence only :)

thanks for your encouragement!

I found the render function. i will post some design with it next time.


Btw, are you actually considering to prototype those?

I wish to do it but i do not have the machines nor the money to find someone to make one for me.

I really wish some flashlight comapny will accept the design and make the flashlight to public :)

They might have already done that. :P

Now you have to wait if it will become a Fandy Fire or Smile Sun. ;)

oh shit, what if they copied my design? i need to copyright it!!