Flashlights with constant max brightness?

There is so many different flashlights on the market, but not many of those can give max output till end of battery.
Most of those step-down very quickly.

Can we list in this thread those, who can runs constant max brightness?

  1. Armytek Predator Pro 2.5
  2. ?

Most of the zebralights have constant output

Constant output is dependent of the temperature, in most environments it is impossible for a flashlight to constantly draw 3 amps without reaching dangerously high temperature.

Flashlights have timed step down because most people still can’t deal with the fact that modern LEDs produce tons of heat, and will most likely return the item if it ever gets too hot to touch. I have even seen people return phone chargers because “it got too hot”, sadly they are the majority and the products are designed around them.

Manker U11 is regulated after the initial stepdown and keeps the output at ~650 lumens. Zebralights PID models regulates to 500-700 lumens depending on the ambient temperature.

thats a good one to add to the list beside each light, temperature regulation is a very nice feature

that said i think the OP is looking for boost driver lights, or lights that are designed to not dim till the batteries are drained (several 18650s in parallel, low voltage LEDs, etc.)

I think all high quality flashlights from now on should feature PID temperature regulation, it’s not that hard to implement and the costs are not much higher either.

Nitecore flashlights have ATR “advanced temperature regulation” but that is a complete somewhat a lie as many reviewers have not been able to trigger it, the output just drops never comes back up. The only budget flashlight I know with real temperature regulation is the Xtar H3, but that one is not PID it just has 2 limits and the output bounces in that range.

The new Zebralight SC600MK3 with XHP35 can maintain full output as long as the temperature allows it. At $95 is not cheap by any means but it is one of the best flashlights in this class.

Agreed, i also think it should be in all flashlights, but i have no idea what the cost is

I’ve read that the SC600 Mark III starts around 1600 lumens on a fresh cell, but even after half an hour is still outputting 1300 lumens or so. Pretty impressive for a stock unmodded single-18650 cell light.