Flashy Mikes Entry to The Old Lumens Modified Light Contest #7

+*Update: Finished

Hi everybody!
I know I’m late, hopefully I’m still allowed to join the contest. During the last months I’ve been too busy with other projects but now I’ve some free time and really don’t want to miss this contest. Unfortunately the remaining time of the contest is not sufficient for a full featured build, so I’ll join the Modified Light Category. Although I fear this mod is not too sophisticated I’ll call it the “Ultimate Tactical Mod”.

The flashlight to be modded will be a Convoy S2+. I don’t know yet which of these two I’ll actually use, maybe parts of both.

More to come …

Wow, a last minute entry :open_mouth:

I’m glad you’re making the effort despite your time constraints :star:

Ahah, glad to see you’re IN :wink:
Let the adrenaline pump through this mod :+1:

A strong contender appears just before the finish. :slight_smile: :beer:

Yeah sneaky :smiley:
I’ll add you when I get to a pc :+1:

Funny how life gets in the way sometimes. :slight_smile:

Thanks for the warm welcome!

First prototype, built by my son. He loves taping.
I think I’ll choose a different approach, though …


Wow, a 23hr entry, :+1:

I’m glad we have a February 29th this year …

As last year I let the machine do all the work. A bunch of prototype prints:

Finally all parts printed:

Can you see now why this is going to be a truly tactical mod?

how long is the flashlight going to be?

Assembly time …

I guess it’s clear now that my tactical mod is going to be a lightsaber which undoubtedly is perfect for self-defence.
As you may have noticed already I used my 3D printer for this “mod”. Everything has been designed by myself with Fusion360. All parts beside the red end pieces of the handle are printed in spiral (vase) mode with a thickness of 0.9 mm. This guaranties a beautiful skin, stability, short printing times and little material usage.
All tubes (handle and blade components) and the handle end pieces have threads which ensure good stability. Even when you push someone with the expanded lightsaber it wouldn’t collapse. Blade parts and handle are connected by steep double threads: 2 opposite entries for the threads of the counterpart which allow to tighten the components with less turns.
I used the red S2+ for this mod since it has a smooth reflector and a XP-L HI which makes it pretty throwy. This allows more light to reach the end of the blade.

1) Joining black handle and red top end piece. You’ll notice the red part has 2 threads, one for the blade and one for the handle.

2) Pushing blade components into each other and the handle and glueing the end cap to the end of the blade. The end cap has threads for fixing the collapsed blade with about a quarter turn. And it has a ribbing for better grip.

3) Mounting the flashlight to the red bottom end piece and joining the end piece with the handle. There is a lip in the red end piece where the flashlight is firmly held in place by only screwing together flashlight body and tailcap.

That’s it, here are some more pictures of the collapsed and expanded lightsaber. There is also a hole in the bottom end piece which allows to mount a lanyard. For size comparison I added a Convoy L6 to one of the pictures.


Length (collapsed): 31.5 cm
Length (expanded): 103.5 cm
Diameter handle: 4.0 cm
Diameter (largest): 6.0 cm
Weight with cell: 325 g


Nicely done! That had to have taken some care to make sure those tubes nest just right.

Ahah, well done :open_mouth:
When I first saw the convoy I never imagined it would end like this :wink:
Well thought and done :+1:

King of the kids.
I’m not sure if TK is still into light sabres. If so you may have an order for another one.
Love your work. Well done. :beer:

that is a very cool build, besides a cool toy it can be used as a candle, and if your driver has anduril firmware with candle mode, it will flicker too,

Thanks, everybody!

Well done on completing your build :THUMBS-UP: