FLEX Asgard @ Fasttech


wow… is this where the future of flashlight is going? :bigsmile:
very unique… but is that mean you can’t no longer swap the driver then?

When looking at a single picture. The tint can never be judged. Its a mostly a matter of white balance. A warm beam can be made to look cool, and a cool beam can be made to look warm depending on the white balance.
If you see the pictures FT have with WW emitters, they do not look WW. CW, can sometimes look neutral.
I have even seen FT pictures where WW emitters look cooler than CW emitters.

A comparison between two flashlights side by side on the same picture is the best way to get a comparison. But you can not be sure any if the colors are correct compared to what the eye see, you only see the difference. That is, unless the white balance is fixed or known and the beam is on a white wall and your monitor is properly calibrated.

Considering that the emitter is 1C, the beam should be a bit blue-ish. In my monitor, and with my eyes, I would consider the color in the beam shot to be around 5000K, which is not the case. I would describe the beam to look neutral in the middle, slight yellowish on the edge of the hotspot, and slightly cool spill.
I would expect that the light have the same characteristics, but everything would be cooler.

Its a shame FT have not managed to get this light with better XM-L2s (yet).

3C tint? :stuck_out_tongue:
Only glass lens? Why not AR coated?

Very cool concept! Wish they sell the driver and it can be programmed for up to 5A to the led



- Is the ONLY way to access the programming via Bluetooth? What I mean is, is there a UI for programming the light via the tail clicky?

- What kind of security is built into the light to prevent bluejacking? Is there anything additional to the normal PIN-type security?


im really interested in the driver alone. the lights UI is very interesting, but the host itself does not do much for me.
a few things that could have been upgraded for minimal cost were looked over. aluminum reflector and coated lens would have only added a few dollars to the final price
but the driver on the other hand. thats where its at. there must have been a lot of thought put into that driver.

i wouldnt be too worried about getting it blue jacked. they would need the software in order to do anything, and i doubt anyone is going to put in the time or effort to figure out what kind of device it is and what software is needed to do anything

Do you really think it’s needs security?? you have to been within 10 feet she says and the light has to be a certain angle, so I would think it would be nearly impossible to take over or control your light……just saying.

It would be funny though, at a BLF meeting, if someone set everyone’s light to moonlight only. :bigsmile:

or 30 modes all sos and strobe

The light has its own website

Hope to see more details being posted as well as reviews from the three lucky members before deciding whether it’s worth purchasing.


As for emitters:
XM-L2 U2 2B/C
XM-L2 T6 3C
XM-L2 T5 4C
XM-L2 T5 5C

…I know, FT does not have these in stock…

Re. you last sentence: I think that would depend on what kind of application/scenario the light was used for. A made-up example: Light is setup to illuminate an entrance way. I hack into the light, and turn off all of the 7135s. Result is ‘darkness’…

hahaha… :smiley:

That is a very likely scenario I must say…

I cant say Im worried this would happen. :stuck_out_tongue:

or maybe a cop will be using it, and while he is using his light to blind you at a night time traffic stop, you can dim it down to a pleasing level :cowboy_hat_face:

somehow i doubt this driver is a standard 17mm

The reason for the plastic reflector and non-AR lens is because they found that each of those adversely effects the BT signal. Together it cripples the signal really bad.

ZY-T08 was chosen for its proven high quality plastic reflector and its proven performance as a very good thrower. It just works out best for this initial light where the main focus is on the technology more than the host itself

The next 2 models will have completely original bodies and between these three lights most all flashlight needs will be met

AAAAAAHHHHHH!!! My nightmare! Make it STOP! :open_mouth:

But seriously guys… the thought of bluejacking is entertaining, but the actual likelihood of it happening is probably less than being struck by lightning. We flashaholic types are an extremely small segment of society. No one else even knows such lights exist! Let alone want to bother with messing with them/us.

ah i see. that makes very much sense, and i had totally overlooked BTs usual poor signal

I seriously doubt (or hope not) that a LEO would use a light like this in that kind of situation… too much risk (even a little is too much) of something like what you described. I also seriously doubt that it’d be approved for use in this kind of situation, as it’d probably not get through any security review unless there are adequate safeguards, and just the “normal” Bluetooth security is not “adequate”.