Not sure if off topic or not, but how do you stop flies from attacking your flashlight (and hand) at night? They have been a real problem recently.

Turn the flashlight off. :slight_smile:

Just treat the light with permethrin. /s

No how about DDT? Perfectly legal and safe to use :stuck_out_tongue:

But seriously, just get the little critters close and burn them to a crisp.

What is the tint? My father likes a cooler tint than I do and we find when we are both out at the same time they swarm him and leave me alone. Now if I’m alone of course they come to only light.

I suggest ya find a sucker to walk with at night and give them a blue light but make sure you walk a few feet away.

I don’t have to outrun the bear…just outrun you.

Keep one of those electric bug zapper tennis racket things in the other hand and use as necessary. The sparks add to the ambiance.

I’ve a few different tints, personally prefer neutral, but I’ll give a warmer tint a try. If that fails I’ll give permethrin a go, don’t know why I didn’t think of that sooner, it keeps spiders off my CCTV cameras.

I think the /s after the permethrin comment means it was sarcastic. I know it can be used to treat clothes because it binds to the fabric, but you may not want it to rub off the flashlight onto your hands. The mix I use to treat my hiking clothes says it stays toxic for about a month.

My trick is amber or red light in my hand heald flashlight with a cool white lantern sitting about 25-30’ (around 10m for the rest of you guys) afay from me. Preferable into the woods if possible.

The lights flock to the lantern and leave me and my color light alone.

I’ve used it keep ticks away when I did field archery. We had a long talk about the dangers of permethrin and decided lymes disease was worse. I think I still have some DEET which I can try.

Be careful with deet - it will dissolve plastic. Picaridin is safer from that standpoint.

I use my flashlight at the stables, until I can turn on the stable lights. Our Friesian is very greedy and on a diet, I wouldn’t stand a chance in that.

Awesome, lets see some picts of your Friesian. Beautiful horses

Most of my pics are on a NAS box, which is in bits at the moment. Here is one with the Old feller (now 29), my Shire and the wifes Friesian.

We still have the old feller and the Friesian, but after my car accident we had to loan out then eventually re-home my shire.

In Australia we have lots of flies.
They can even swoop in and steal a huge steak off your barbeque!!
There is a repellent here called Aeroguard which you spray onto your skin and it helps keep them (and mosquitoes) away.
I think you may be able to buy this on Amazon, or find a similar product.
Another repellent that is common here is citronella oil which is burned in a lamp or candle to emit fumes.
I believe you can get a variation of this which can also be applied to the skin.