flood vs spot - could there be a light that came with dual reflectors?

flood vs spot - could there be a light that came with dual reflectors?


the 2 would be switchable
1 orange peel
1 smooth

is it possible to have that work out?
you would just unscrew the front ring,
take the glass off, the reflector comes out and you change it to the other one…
seems like it would cost like 75 cents more
or is that wrong

could it be done with TIR optics, or would it require silvered conical reflectors ?
{TIR is shorter, if it works}


Too risky for a manufacturer. Some owners of the light would damage the LED.

You can do it with some modding lights like those from Convoy though (S2, L6).

You can buy lights that have both, check out niwalker

Some monkey would get fingerprints or dust or tomato sauce on the reflector, then return it as “DOA”.

Sadly, that’s why lights are getting glued nowadays.

Isn’t that basically how a S3 works?

I like the shelf and stainless bezel. I wish the S3 had the same knurling of the S2+, and short tubes to fit it.

Soldering double sided drivers to S2 pills is a pain and looks messy afterwards anyway. The larger retaining ring in the S3 fits double sided drivers fine.

The ease of getting to the reflector and LED is another win.

YLP Panda 3 also has both and can be operated independently.

I know the old spark sg headlamps and sf lights had swappable heads for spot and flood. Maybe there are still stocks in fasttech or hkequipment. Another option is the wurkkos wk30. Replace the white with throwy led, replace red with floody led and stick dc fix on that part of the lens and you’re good to go. You get UV as extra.

Changing from OP to smooth will not really make a difference to flood or spot.
The depth of the reflector is what changes that.

There already are TIRs like led lenser that very efficiency switch between flood and spot.

YLP Falcon Sliding TIR is also quite efficient.

Maglite :innocent:

Pretty much any zoomie does this.

Here’s a few that offers both.

Plus your choice of the dozen’s of zoomies that can spot and flood.

But they don't have dual reflectors.

Nice concept! You could design it similar to my Q8 Janus. Just replace the head with color LEDs with a head with single LED and large reflector - or a catadioptric.
I need a lathe …

You even dont need two reflectors. Just two leds and one reflector.