Flooding AA emergency flashlight for in car

Energizer’s datasheets say storage temp range for alkies is –40C to 50C, and for lithium primaries is –40C to 60C.

That’s 122F max for alkaline and 140F max for lithium primary for the metrically challenged.

Don’t know if that makes a difference to you all.

As far as flashlights go, I like the Olight i2. It’s got decent output and runtime. It’s a twisty so you don’t have to worry about parasitic drain.

Can get em at BG with a coupon.

Heat ain’t safe for Li Ion either


7. Handling and Storage

Do not crush, pierce, short (+) and (-) battery terminals with conductive
(i.e. metal) goods. Do not directly heat
or solder. Do not throw into fire.
Do not mix batteries of different types a
nd brands. Do not mix new and used batteries.
Keep batteries in non conductive (i.e. plastic) trays.

Store in a cool (preferably below 30°C) and ventilated area, away from moisture,
sources of heat, open flames, food and drin
k. Keep adequate clearance between walls
and batteries. Temperature above 70°C (158°F ) may result in battery leakage and rupture.
Since short circuit can cause burn, leakage and rupture hazard, keep batteries in
original packaging until use and do not jumble them.

Follow Manufacturers recommendations regarding maximum recommended currents
and operating temperature range.
Applying pressure on deforming the battery may lead to disassembly followed by eye,
skin and throat irritation

Don't know about you...but in the summer heat in Texas..cars can and usually do go above 150 degrees

I think he was talking about Energizer lithium AA primary batteries. Energizer lithium =/= Li-ion.

One thing that could be useful in this situation is a magnet holder - either inbuilt or external. With a magnet holder I think one of the small twisty AA lights like the I2 would be good.

Get an i3s for your key ring while you are at it, then you should always have a light :slight_smile:

Didn’t expect the discussion about the kind of batteries. But it is a valid discussion, because the temperatures in a car can go low and high.
In my situation I’m not really worried about the below 0 (celsius). The maximum above celsuis temperatures do worry me a little. I live in a moderate climate in Northern Europe and my car has a cooled glove compartment, but when my car is in full sun in the summer all day it could get pretty hot.
Maybe I should do some test how well my car does in the sun (so I’ll have to wait for summer) or get an AAA flashlight as a keychain. But this last choice would affect runtime offcourse.

As for the suggested lights:

- Been looking at the SK68, but how waterproof is it? Since it is a zoomy. On the other hand, it is cheap as dirt. So I could buy several.

- The zebralight is to expensive for a light I will (hopefully) hardly use

  • The Olight i2 looks like a nice light, I’ve got my doubts about the runtime on high and the usable amount of light on medium.

The SK68 is not really good for water tight, though i have submerged a coupel in tests and they survived, one ended up full of water and still works. Regardless if it fails, its not much of a loss as most of the SK68 clones cost less than 6 bucks.

How about a Trustfire F22 stainless for the car ?
Without the klingon bezel it fits the console perfectly, looks good and is OK for a short use.

Just keep a few spare AA’s in the glove compartment. Sure a ZL has more runtime but how much do AA’s cost.

You can’t go diving with the sk68 :bigsmile: but it is fine in rain. For the cost nothing better. Personal view is don’t bother with anything else as it is only going to be left in the car. Keep a pack of new cells in the car and swap them out every few months. Kept new Alks in the car all the time. Over the years never had a problem and AAs can be used on a lot of things not just torches.

changing batteries in the dark is no fun

It’s way more fun than changing diapers in the dark… for most people at least. J)

it gets hotter in a parked car in the summer, 100 outside means the car could get to 140 inside

if I have a 40-60 dollar light for my car for emergencies I only want the best batteries available for the sake of protecting the light and it working when I need it to


Being cheap and easy to replace won’t really help him when he’s in an emergency and needs it to work.

I wouldn’t worry too much about that output on medium. You can do a whole lot with 20 Lumens in the dark.

Maybe a 2xAA light would give you more what you need, the Olight S15 has great runtimes with 2xAA and you can use it with 1 if you need to. Also has a magnet in the tail which I still think would be useful in a car breakdown situation, or even just topping up washer fluid in the dark, checking oil levels etc.

I am hoping the S15 will go on a ‘too good to miss’ sale at some point, but pricing is not unfair as it stands IMO.

True, but it really is a back up light. My car, the roads, mobile network and the emergency services here are all really good, so the changes of me needing this light are really slim.

Since they don’t cost much I have decided to go for 2 of the SK68 clones (Ultrafire Q5’s). When they arrive I’m going to put them both in my car, one with a battery in it ready to go and the other one without (as a back up for my backup) and store some AA’s in the glove compartment in a case.

Before making this choice I was looking at way more expensive lights, but I’m not ready to part with this amount of money for a back up light. I’m going to list them here, so people who are looking for a good EDC with mutiple modes don’t have to do the research:

- Nitecore EA1

- Nitecore sens AA

- Fenix LD12

- Fenix E11 €21

- Sunwayman S10A (this one seems really nice for about $30)

- Olight i2 (think it is a bit over priced, since for $10 more you can get the S10A. Which is brighter, has more modes etc.)

  • EagleTac D25A

Maybe I’m going to get one of these lights as a keychain/edc in the future, but for now the SK68 clones will do in the car.

Thanks everybody for the input!

Not that it matters now, but the i2 is $16.

I personally had the sk68 as car glove light until my kid killed it. I am getting a new one just for that purpose. I also have 2 energizer lithium in it. I have the low/high mode version.
Its like spare tyres. You hope you will never need it but if you do need it and you don’t have one, you will bite off your fingers!

I find the Olight i2 ideal for anything under the hood as I can put the light in my mouth and have both hands free. If I had to change batteries in the Olight I’d use my fauxton between my teeth. At the price of the fauxtons there’s no reason to ever do anything in the dark.