Fly.....Q8 pointed at it and can still see a fly swatter.

Somebody has to explain to me how on earth does a fly have a Q8 under full power pointing at it from a few inches for 10-12 seconds and can still see a fly swatter.

I’m amazed……

Flies have compound eyes. Basically their eyes are composed of lots of little eyes in a grid.

I suppose the Q8 only blinded the eyes directly in the path of the light beam. All the other eyes could see normally. Since the flyswatter wasn’t coming out of the Q8’s emitters the fly could easily see it.

Either that or it’s some animals are simply a lot less vulnerable to bright lights than humans. I remember once shining an M43 at full power (about 6000 lumens) on a house spider. The M43 was pressed right to the glass on the inside of the window. The spider was on the outside of the window less than 1 cm away from the light. Even holding the light there for a minute did nothing. The spider was completely unaffected.

I should of held it there another 10 seconds……fly BBQ

Now that I’m thinking about it….there has to be a simple on/off receptor in their eyes otherwise they would be in trouble. At any given time, their eyes are looking at the sun, which may not be much different from looking at the Q8.

Next time BBQ……

Q8 is so weak it couldn’t hurt a fly/

Yeah. It’s a very powerful flashlight, but not being very intense, it won’t burn anything well.

An Emisar D4 or Haikelite MT09R on the other hand…

If you swung the swatter at it, it doesn’t have to see it. Flies can sense pressure of air change from the swatter movement and move on quickly.

You need mt09r with the ta mod. About four times the lumens. Makes things spontaneously combust. Beats a magnify glass and some ants, any day.

I’m sure reddit has the answer. They know all there is to know about everything

You not fast enough to kill a fly bare handed? :innocent:

A Spartan that can’t kill a fly. I’m throwing myself of the mountain…. :person_facepalming:

Kind of an interesting observation…a bit of logic……how much brighter then the sun would the Q8 be? Without eyelids or physical protection, it’s “eyes” evolved to be always exposed to the suns light. Deadly for human eyes, obviously irrelevant to the fly. With several hundred “eyes”, even of half of them are “blinded”, there still hundreds to go.

Or possibly, even if not partially “blinded”, there could be a binary reaction, an on/off. A rapid change to the “on/off” across a spectrum of “eyes” could trigger flight. It may be that the Q8 just supplied a clearer “picture”.

Or not…lol

Also it’s also a known fact that the flies nervous system is 4 to 5 times faster then human.

Conclusion……I’m getting the shotgun.

Without getting too political….some on a certain side of the political spectrum would see that as a stepping stone to greater violence.

Like nobody has ever stepped on ants. Lol