Recommends UV & IR Flashlights

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You can cut out the purple light with yellow polycarbonate safety glasses. I’d recommend a pair if working with intense UV light (I have these).

Tank007 TK-566 also comes with white Cree emitters (XR-E, XP-G and XM-L) hence the logo.

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I followed your link to the TK566. That is a 5 mode White Light only flashlight, but in my search for a 365nm UV Flashlight, the Tank007 UVTK566 can be found With & Without the hexagonal Cree XR-E Logo after the "TK-566". The UVTK566 is a One mode only, in 1 & 3 watt. Are the sellers posting the image of the white light flashlight instead of the UV if it has that logo? Or is there a UV CREE chip?

.. I just looked back at the UV Flashlight Shootout by "mfm" and his UVTK566 had the CREE logo on it. ..


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The 3w (2 emitter) 365nm flashlight without the purple spill, Tank007 TK-566 365nm 1w and 365nm Ultrafire 3w are out of stock now, sorry. But I’ve asked the category management personnel to develop the items you want, please keep an eye on our New Arrivals, once there’s news, I will let you know. While, we have 3W & 395-410 nm flashlights,, hope you’re interested. :slight_smile:

About the price, every item with a Price Match, if you find other websites have a lower price than us, you can submit a price match on our site FocalPrice. Such as

About your last question, these two items have different Emitter BIN, one is XP-G R5 and another is Q4. :slight_smile:

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Thank you So Much for the help, and I appreciate your efforts to get the 365nm UV Flashlights in stock. They are not easy to find.

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It’s my pleasure. I’ll try my best to find them.