For sale: 3" aspheric 310,000 lux @ 1m $150

Here is one of my aspheric mods with a flawless 3 inch aspherical lens and a perfectly dedomed xm-l2 U2 on copper star. LED focus can be adjusted by turning the head. Driver is 8x7135 and works with 1x18650. 310,000lux at 1m. $150 shipped domestic.

next to crelant 66mm aspheric

beam shot next to crelant (left) 66mm collimator head

That thing looks Epic!

now $180.

310 kCd, and likely plenty of headroom with a copper mount and 3A. What a beast!!

For the last picture, which is which? Crelant on the left?

Left is crelant xm-l at 100Kcd, right this light xm-l2 dedomed @ 310Kcd

Incredible that you got that kind of an increase. Very tempting.

I like your choice for the head/body combo. The holster kicks butt too.

Here is a new beamshot. left smallsun C10 52Kcd, right this light.

reduced to $150.

How soon can you get it to Alaska ?