For Sale 3x XP-L Custom color and engraved with "Budget Light Forum" Logo on the side, BLF Driver (SOLD) shipping included

Howdy, up for sale today is my “Budget Light Forum” 502B it’s has the Budget Light Forum Logo on the side. It’s a triple XP-L on a noctigon that is sitting on a thick copper disc that acts as a “pill”. It transfers heat fast. For a driver I have a five mode BLF 17mm Direct drive in it. So on turbo (mode five) it’s giving pretty much everything the battery has to the emitters. They are in series of course. Total lumens will depend on the battery you use. But even without super high amp batteries it’s still incredibly bright. For the emitters to fit under the lens they were de-domed and this also gives them a neutral tint.
The light also has a clip that you can see on the black one.

I also customized the color of the light as well it’s a bronze/steel color. It looks super.


First PM gets the light.

Right now my card reader is giving me fits I’ll try and post pics in a bit. If it’s not gone by the time I get my card reader working.

Added the pics and wanted to mention that it also has copper strands of wire around the rest of the pill for better thermal transfer and the springs have also been modded. Oh and the five modes are very very low to turbo, no blinkies.

Price dropped to $45. I need money fast for a new project!

Will the triple module fit other p60 hosts like a normal drop-in? Sorry, I’m new to triples. Also, any other photos of the triple setup? Thanks!

Howdy and yep this one can be switched out.

I’ll take it. PM incoming.


Got it, I marked it sold.