For Sale: BLF Lumintop SD10 - Sold

BLF Edition Lumintop SD10

This is the neutral white version, XM-L2 3C. Includes the flashlight, 18650 spacer, 3s AA holder, original box, lanyard, and o-ring. The manual is not included, and box is missing the foam insert (though I will pack it well)

This light is somewhat unique in that it can run from almost any battery you put in it: 32650, 26650, 18650, 3*AA, or D-cell.

4-modes, L>H with memory. Single click to turn on/off, then hold the button to cycle modes. All 4 modes tested working on 18650 as well as Alkaline 3*AA and 1*D (I don’t have any eneloops to test those)

Mint Condition.

$35 $30 shipped US or Intl buyer pays actual shipping.

Would consider trade for a SkyRay/Fandyfire G36

Ask questions in this thread, first “I’ll take it” in a PM gets it.

Price Drop, $30

Great deals like this show up and I’m not ready. :frowning:

Good luck with the sale.

PM sent — I’ll take it.


2nd dibs if 1st falls through. :slight_smile:

I was asleep at the wheel again. This would have been a great birthday gift for the grandson.

Now everybody’s interested…. Maybe I should’ve waited more than 2 hours before I dropped the price, eh? :stuck_out_tongue:

Yeah, you gotta give people more time. A lot of BLF’ers are sleeping when you’re posting. This is a great light. I have one that I use every day. Any particular reason why you sold it?

I just needed to sell a flashlight and this one happened to be it. I always thought it was pretty cool, but I didn’t have any attachment to it.

I tried to buy this light when pd68 got it and missed by minutes. This is a “second chance” buy for me.

if anyone missed this one shoot me a PM I have a neutral white one available for sale

Light received in fine condition and working order — thanks!