For Sale: Junk Drawer Disaster Kits (free shipping)

These are a variation on the glove box survival kit, but more with an eye towards utility. They are like a cross between a junk drawer and a survival kit. My sister has moved on to easier-to-make boiler-plate kits, and these are some of the last of her intricate, batch-sourced kits. The survival and first aid guide is my sister’s own work, and she does brisk business just selling the guides.

Kit Contents

  • 2 Tea light candles

  • Pack of 20 book matches

  • LED keychain flashlight

  • Lockback keychain knife

  • Safety whistle

  • Eyeglass repair kit

  • 10 water purification tablets

  • Sewing Kit

  • 4 paper clips, large and small

  • 4 safety pins, large and small

  • 2 rubber bands

  • Super glue - 4 red twist ties

  • 4 black twist ties

  • 2 band aids

  • Basic survival and wilderness guide, on water-proof paper


To make these kits a good value with free shipping, I’m selling them in two packs for $25 shipped.

Shipping - Free

USA only please. All two-packs shipped priority mail, flat rate with tracking.

Quantity Left:

7 two-packs

BONUS 1: Free used Victorinox Classic pocket knife with every order!

BONUS 2: I always put some sort of extra goodies with every order!