For sale : LD-2 and LD-M2 driver (Updated)

Maybe some of us should get together with an EU member and order that way? Which EU country has the cheapest postage, and trustworthy member?

Nice to see its finally ready.

50 pieces? :_(

PLEASE, somebody do a GB for us poor guys in the states who can’t afford to buy 50 pieces! :tired:

I take 5 pcs :slight_smile:

Thank you sir. Can I please reserve two as I am heading out the door to work. l'll PM you later today to get a cost on what I think I need. Cheers.


You’ll need to reserve 48 more.

Hi Steve, I could buy two for you and send them to AU if you're ok with that. (btw, before I'm going to be the world's postman, this is a one-time thing).

I’ll take at least 10 drivers for somebody interested in a U.S. group buy?

Thanks djozz. I hate reading things twenty times and still not understanding whats said or missing the point totally. I'll get there yet, maybe. Appreciate the offer.

If I could onsell 45 of them, I would buy 50 but I just don’t see it as a viable option.

One possible solution could be if MTN or IOS could stock these, so you non-EU based guys could get some easier.

MTN has a request new products form in the OP of RMM’s sales thread, maybe those interested could put in a request :wink:

led4power, are this going to be available for now & can we/i get an heads up if you plan to take this product of the market please :),
I plan to order some but i can afford it just now unfortunately.

Sucks |(

I’m in with two. PM send.


Guys I'm really sorry about that 50pcs for rest of the world,there a few reasons for that;first I have very little free time now,and "spamming" local post office isn't my favorite free time activity;second thing if I'm sending letters outside of EU,they must be opened for inspection,that takes more time(generally PITA). I hope I'll decrease that min. quantity to 4-5pcs after some time,when things "settles" a bit.

I think most people, if you let them know, would be fine with posting once a week. Thats saves you trips to the PO at least.

Subscribed to this thread in the hope that the minimum order qty will come down at some point.

I am in for ten

Great Driver !

Regards Xandre

I’ll have to join the US bandwagon and take two pieces from whoever’s doing the GB. I can’t afford more :frowning:

Can someone explain to me why is this driver ‘good’ and why is it so expensive? I don’t get it at all.

Best way is to read the original thread, linked at the top of this thread. That thread also has links in the OP to the review threads by djozz and HKJ, as well as a link to the LD-1 thread, which this driver replaces. Once you successfully read all of those, you’ll know why this driver is so special, and worth the money.

For a quick fix, here are the stats that I find significant:

Current controlled (no PWM) This makes the lower modes more efficient. If you look at the Cree PCT, or any datasheet, you’ll find that LED emitters are more efficient at lower drive current. A driver using PWM is giving the emitter the full current rating of the driver, and just turning it on/off really fast to imitate lower current modes. The human eye is tricked by this, but the emitter is not. By truly lowering the current for the lower modes, this driver taps into the increased efficiency of the emitter.

High power capable This is desirable to just about everyone here on BLF, and should need no explanation. :wink:

Low circuit resistance This goes along with the high power capability. With lower resistance in the circuit, the LED gets more of the available power from the cell(s) so you get more light output and greater efficiency overall compared to other drivers.

Disclosure: These are my observations, based on my understanding. If I’m wrong, someone please correct me.

I’ve never done a GB before, but if nobody else steps up, I’d be willing to do one for the US. Better would be for RMM or IOS to grab some of these and resell them, as cajampa suggested. If a GB is performed, remember that total time from order to receipt will be long, because one person would have to take orders, collect funds, order the drivers, wait for led4power to ship, re-package, and re-ship them. Price would have to be a little higher as well, to cover shipping costs for the extra ship step. Would it be better to add a fixed cost increase to all the US orders, or charge actual shipping to each?

Edit: Oh yeah, the shipping will most likely be pretty cheap for anywhere in the US, and with the price breaks given by led4power for larger quantity orders, it would probably wash out at worst, or at best, still be cheaper than buying smaller quantities from him. :bigsmile: