For Sale modded Black 7x SRK price dropped to $45 plus free shipping and 4 Sanyo 18650's.

Ok up for sale is a modded Black 7x SRK it’s has 5 of the 7 emitters de-domed. They are all perfectly centered.

The driver is the Good JB driver with three modes. High, medium and low (hidden blinky) It starts out on high at 4,000 lumens. This is with good Sanyo batteries. Much higher with high amp batteries but I don’t suggest doing it with this mod. (I did run it with the high amp batteries and it runs just fine it’s just not all that usefull)

The emitters are not on sinkpads but I did put a copper disc under the existing round star. I also added a ton of heatsinking under the pill. It had a larger area under the pill and it’s filled with copper and heatsinking epoxy. It handles heat really well. Medium is 2,100 lumens and low is 700. The tint is between cool and neutral. Nice beam with zero rings. It has somewhat of a hotspot and then smooths out from there. Great flood on this light.

The JB driver was modded as well and the tailcap springs where also modded.

Added 4 sanyo 2,600 18650’s free with the light.

price reduced to $45 plus free shipping in the US

$40 plus actual shipping for anyone outside the US.

Probably the best thing about a 7x is that each emitter is running fairly efficiently because they are not being over-driven at all to get this many lumens. This is a fantastic light for this price.

Nice light 18sixfifty.
If only the X6 GB won’t be coming soon I’d be interested in getting it.

BTW, still waiting the the 502s. Hope it gets here soon.

Thanks and I would think your lights should be there soon. They cleared Chicago about two weeks ago.

No worries . Am not in a rush. Still have some new toys that arrived in the mail. Will play with them first.


Bump for price drop and picture.

Just a quick pic to show the beam on this light. As I said it's got a nice hotspot and then it just kind of fades out to a perfect flood with no rings at all. This is a steal for a modded light like this one.

That’s a monster! You’re seriously selling these for cheap 18650. Also, only on BLF will you see a low mode of 700 lumens :bigsmile:

That is kinda funny isn’t it? 700 lumens on low, well it seems low after you go from 4,000 lumens!! :bigsmile:

Is it this light but in black?
How hot does it get on high after 1 minute?

Despite 7 emitters, that beamshot looks very nice and uniformed.

Yes it’s the same kind of light just black and 7 emitters. I don’t have a way to test it to say exactly how hot it gets. But it takes a while to heat up with all the heatsinking that is in it. Plus with using 7 emitters instead of only 3 or 4 each emitter is actually running cooler because they are not being terribly over-driven to get that many lumens. On high it will eventually get too hot to hold but it takes a while. On medium which is still very bright it will not get too hot to hold.

Just a bump to say I managed to clean the reflector up without any problems and it’s now very close to perfect. You wouldn’t know it from new at all by it’s performance and only by looking very very close.

This is really a steal for this light.

Added four free sanyo 2600’s (18650’s) they run this light perfectly.

Post some pictures of the light!

Yes, pictures of the light and the head will make it much more enticing. :wink:

what are the emitters please? What a great deal! Almost looks like a NW beam.

Howdy they are XML T6 but with the combination of domed and de-domed you get a very nice tint that is neutral white. I think that in a way it’s actually higher CRI than most. It gives a better blend of colors with the mix. The beam on this light is fantastic, it’s very even with no rings and to my eyes a perfect tint. I am actually shocked that it hasn’t already sold. Must be that everyone has spent their extra money on all the group buys.

protected , or not? (I love these deals)

Shame you aren’t closer to me I’d have it for $45
However the postage to the UK would probably cost a lot more.

Not protected, no need really with them in parallel.

Howdy, it’s pretty heavy with all the extra heatsinking and batteries it’s One Pound Ten ounces. It would be $20 shipping so a total of $60 for you.