for sale nichia 219c sm403 added for small qty. $1 ea / 10pcs. 100 pack added

link added for small qty.large qty pm me.
Trades for stuff i can use.
these are 4000k 83 cri sm403 intensity 280l@700ma, cri r8000,voltage l1 2.9-3.1@700ma.
100 219c 4000k 83cri pcs”

10 packs at the link.

I saw these on Ebay last week ....

PM sent ..



added 100 pack.
100 219c 4000k 83cri

anyone tried it? How it is about BBL?

Sm403 is below bbl


100 pack added

Just curious, how do you use a LED like that? desolder existing LED in your flashlight and solder this Nichia LED in replacement?

Yes .
Or reflow solder to an appropriate mcpcb.
Copper dtp for best performance.
Its easy to do with common household equipment

going into the second and last reel.
about 2700 left.

about 1500 left

still have some.
possibly getting another reel soon.

I am kindve new to reflowing. I can do it and have done it, but two questions-

What size footprint are these? 3535?
How many amps can they handle, realistically, not data sheet?

Thank you.

They are the common 3535 footprint.
I have run them at 6a on copper dtp stars.
The testing thread seems to indicate they can be pushed harder but 6a is close to the “sweet spot”

got another reel of these.

About 1800 left