for sale nitefighter sst-40 fet driver $25 free shipping

For sale is a nitefighter sst-40 light. It's about the size of a C8, single 18650 light. It's got a 20mm BLF driver with low resistance FET. It's four modes from moonlight to turbo with good spacing in-between. This light has nice anodizing and an integrated shelf for good heat transfer. The emitter is on a noctigon, the driver is one of them with the hole in the middle for the spring bi-pass. It has a large very defined hot spot with good flood. It's set up for use with an unprotected battery, high amp battery is best to get the most lumens possible.

$25 with free shipping in the Continental US of A.

How does it throw compared to an xp-g2?

The XP-G2 throws a lot further, especially when de-domed. This light isn’t a thrower at all, mostly flood with a very large hot-spot.