For sale or trade: Sunwayman M10A XM-L (1*AA Magnetic control ring) price $35 shipped ON hold for bugsy

Sunwayman M10A in great condition..
It has never been outside except for the balcony.

has 3 modes and strobe.

Willing to trade against a little 18650 pocket rocket (like a 3 up with TIR optics)
(a used one is fine)

something like the eagle eye DCBstm made,except for the scars

its the second from the right:

And the 3rd or 4th from the right on the picture below

Comes in original box.

Probably only used for maybe 1-2 hours.

If nobody is willing to trade it, I will sell it


anyone willing to trade for a 3xXML (even if not xml2) in a single 18650 light?

something like a Convoy S3 or similar.. or a bit bigger, but should fit in a normal pocket.

free bump

Thanks Steven Architect,

Price for the light is $35 shipped

Or give me your best offer.

Your killing me……tempting

Hi friend. I’ll take it for $30. Thank you.

Per PM it's on hold for Bugsy36 !!!

Thank you sir!

Btw, I'm keeping the Tiny stock. Nice little light for around the house.