for sale or trade. X7 Aspheric thrower over 500kcd $120 free shipping in the US.

This is one serious thrower. It's a Trustfire X7 with an aspheric lens it's well over 500kcd closer to 600Kcd. It is just an incredible beam. It has a de-domed XM-L2 U2. $120 shipped to the US. exact shipping for anyone else. The third picture is this light the last picture is a stock SP03 taken from the same place and distance. This light can take two or three 18650's. It's just as bright in the shorter mode. In the shorter mode it will not take the longer protected 18650's.

These really do make great mod hosts. Good heat sinking, robust pill, above average quality in a Trustfire, versatility in battery configuration options, indestructible driver, easy to carry in the hand. I love mine. :bigsmile:

Do you have a build thread link?

Yep, I love mine too, I have modded a couple of them already and will do more I’m sure.

I didn’t put together a build thread and it’s boxed up already. It’s a great light but it was a lot of work putting it together and getting it to focus perfectly.