Got it a few weeks ago , great cool light but not really using it due to my olight I1 ,looks as I got it ,the clip came with a peel marr ? I touched it up with marker :wink: Just thought I would mention that emitter is centered and I have a comparison thread with this light show how bright it is :slight_smile: $22 shipped US only pay pal accepted as a gift only and I just sold my tank703 for reference
First I will take it on this thread gets it

U can use rcr123 or cr123;)

It now has a magnetic tail cap , and still same price , the modd I did u can check out under diy section

Yes I said that is where I got it ? So what’s your point , I’m not charging more , 17 bucks a few dollars shipping and it has a magnet base

Anyway if iu want one and not wait I have it , if not I will not be unhappy keeping it :slight_smile:

Pretty sure I posted this in the wrong section...sorry.

(More coffee.....try again)

Nice job on the TF,too!

If it's still for sale for $22, you betcha I'll take it.

Email me,please.

attitude RN @ (without any spaces.)

Stuck @ work til 2030 CST PPal there....home around 2050....will take it.


Email sent ,thanks