For those of us severly dyslexic folks

If anyone wants a spell checker for use in posting (and you use Internet Explorer), you could try this one. It is free and it works fairly well. It's not perfect, but it is better than what my posts look like if I didn't use it.

Free download... I have IE8 and it works fine, just install it and make sure it is enabled in your command bar. Right clicking in the post you are making, gives you the option to spell check.

I know Firefox has a good one, but I am not willing to use a third party browser. I am one of the die hard Microsoft lovers and always will be.

Have you found one that can install punctuation in the correct spots yet.....

I don't know when to use question marks?

I'm not sure either ? Any way thank's old-lumens i have installed it.

No, it just checks spelling and there will be words (like rowds instead of words), where it will not know what to do. It’s not perfect, but it’s the best I have found for IE8. Supposedly the best one is in firefox. I just don’t like how firefox looks and feels.

I could use one of those too. :bigsmile:

Why wood I knead dat?