For those that forgot to celebrate

For those that forgot to celebrate pi day, last Saturday (7-22-17)


FWIW… my mom and dad got married Sep 4, 1951 when mom was 17 yrs old. She’s been baking pecan pies for a Very long time! It don’t get no better than this right here! :smiley: And yes, they’re still married, about to celebrate 66 years. :wink:

That date because pi = about 22/7?

Yeah, somewhere on here it was said the 22nd of July was Pi day, so we were going to celebrate it with plenty of round sugar delights! :smiley:

Looks good, I never liked pecan pie until I tried some home made non store bought pie. Same for lemon meringue pie.

I’ve always liked pecan pie, even the store-bought ones. But, the store bought ones don’t have enough pecans for me! My Mother-In-Law makes hers with double the pecans for me. :heart_eyes:

I like lemon pie, but not meringue. :wink:

Dale, didn’t anyone teach you to not bring snacks unless you brought enough to share?! :cry:

Delicious looking!

Heheh nice!

Daniel likes to hog it all…

Yummy! I’ll start the coffee grinder…

Dale, do you want a cup? It’s Kenya AA fresh roasted from a local coffee shop! :partying_face:

Those pies look amazingly delicious! :blush:

Very nice Pecan Pi!

You should be ashamed Dale. Here I am looking at my phone and drooling all the while knowing that the beep beep I just heard was my “hot pocket” I packed for lunch today finishing it’s time in the microwave. On a good day those are barely palatable. After seeing that delicious looking pecan pie, I can’t even make myself get up and retrieve it.

People would pay $100 for my grandmothers lemon meringue pies. They were out of this world. Probably why I’m diabetic now. I have never found one that comes close

We always went with March 14th (3.14) as pi day. This is fantastic!

2 pi days a year. :partying_face:

I’ve never heard of pi day but love the idea as much as I love pies. These are the best pies I’ve had to date. Not a sweet pie though.

Pity my wife doesn't make any pies.. but my mom does..and they are gooooood!

I didn’t convince Mom to make a pecan pie this past weekend, so I found these pics of her pecan pies from a couple of years ago. She doesn’t bake as much as she used to, more difficult to stand in the kitchen at 83 yrs old.

Any love for pasty?

I grew up on grandparent-made Georgia pecan pies.

You fill the pie space with pecans, and then fill the space between the pecans with the brown sugar syrup.

That’s as distinguished from commercial “pecan” pies that fill the pie with sugary goop and plate the top with a single layer of pecan halves.

It’s kind of a quality fade problem.

Then, there’s what can be done with Georgia peaches.