Forest Trail Beamshots

Very nice work. I thought it was daylight on a couple of those!

Excellent beamshots! Thanks for sharing…

It's the same as what ILF has:

Not bad at all for a $20 light. :)

Thank you all for the compliments. Mouseovers to follow..

UF-H6 vs. eBay headlamp (Mouse over for eBay)

Roche F22 vs. XinTD C8 (Mouse over for XinTD)

King vs. APEX (Mouse over for APEX)

TR-J12 vs. APEX (Mouse over for APEX)

TR-J12 vs. modded Keygos (Mouse over for Keygos)

APEX vs. modded Keygos (Mouse over for Keygos)

Just ask more if I missed some important one..

King Vs Modded Keygos please?

Here you go: King vs. Modded Keygos (Mouse over for Keygos)

Thank you.
The SR King is now going on order as is the XinTD C8 v3 NW.
They have both been on my list since joining and soaking up the posts.

I must admit though, from your pics, the STL_V6 can now wait a while.
I’m still pretty happy with my TR-1200.
Maybe I’m just a flood-kinda-guy.

The best bit is actually seeing the difference a NW tint makes - may not be quite as bright, but it really, hmmmm, “humanises” the view and appears to accentuate detail (esp in the foreground).
Please forgive existential mumbo-jumbo-blah-blah

Thank you the. Wow that thing is bright! But it does look very white. Do you find it kinda dazzling on the eyes?

Really nice beamshots!

I agree that neutral white does make things look more “realistic,” IMO trees appear grey instead of brown with some cool white lights.

thanks so much, one of my fav beam shot takes.
was it hard to mod the keygos 7xml? do you know if theres a 7xml in stock form as bright as your keygos modded 7xml?

and i wish i would have seen these beam shots 3 weeks ago, then i would have never ordered the uf h6!!! i placed an order 3 weeks ago, and it should be arriving tomorrow, and i already want to get rid of it before it even arrives. it had soooo many great reviews and i thought i would be one of the brightest budget headlights, but after seeing the comp. pic against the ebay headlight, my gosh, it just eats up the uf h6!

now im gonna place an order for this ebay light as i finish typing this, even before my uf h6 arrives. does anyone want to buy a brand new uf h6 that i purchased from manafont.
pm me. you can save on shipping time and a few bucks.

Definately agree, these might be some of the best beamshots i have seen! It looks like all the “hotspots” we at the same position so that you tell the differences in the stuff it picks up in the background. GREAT JOB_the_

@blueb8lls: Modding the Keygos wasn't exactly the easiest mod I have performed so far: See here.

And don't worry about the UF-H6. It's still my favorite headlamp: Smaller & more comfortable than the eBay one & has better modes. Low on eBay lamp is not low enough for close up work etc. You'll see when you receive it. :)

Amazing comparative beamshots, thanks so much for your efforts!!

You have hundreds of lights .. are you going to add more beamshots? ( What about beamshots of some popular or quality pocketable lights, e.g. D25A with 14500 .. hehe *gg* )

well, my uf h6 arrived today and im not sure if i like it yet. so does yours always turn on at low mode first? and the light does not swivel up and down, how does this make a good head lamp. the only thing i like about it is, that its pretty darn comfy.

@blueb8llz: See my reply here.

Those are impressive beamshots. I really must have a Skyray King! J)

Light malls shill - UniqueFire 3900 3T6 2*18650 $55.95

@Dance Man: Yes, the king is NW.

You can get a Black NW King from Ric. AFAIK that's the only place having it in black.

Awesome pics, the, perfect ;)!

Awesome! Now I’m even more keen on getting my SR King NW =) But cn hasn’t shipped it yet =(