Forget Flashlights - How about Modding Riding Mowers?

Saw these on Friday at my local Tractor Supply Co. (TSC) and got a good laugh. People actually buy these???

And they were $35!!!


Remember the Mustang mower on monster garage?

If I had a riding mower, and it was thoroughly rusted/thrashed, I might buy them :bigsmile:


I looked on youtube and lawn mower races are actually a thing. Tangentially related but cool: lawn mower modded with a turbo.

What? No spinners? Bah, waste of time :stuck_out_tongue:

I always remember on the show, "Home Improvement", when Tim modded a riding mower by installing a V-twin engine from a motorcycle. Chromed twin cylinders sticking out frorm the hood of that tractor looked so very bad ass that I swore at the moment I laid eyes on it that one day I'd try to do the same. 8)

I tried to find a good pic of it but all I found was this clip from the show. I could have sworn he fired it up and drove it at some point in the episode.

That was the first thing I thought of lol 8)

Actually one of the things I listed with my senior picture in my high school yearbook was something about lawn mower racing, so yes I've been aware that it does exist. My parents had an old junky rear engine lawn mower that I always wanted to turn into a go-kart, but never did.


Now there’s a British sport :slight_smile: the interesting ones are the driven mower with seat hooked up by a 1 link set up 8) I think they now insist on removing the cutting blade though :expressionless: J)

I saw that turbo tractor on FB the other day.

that guy is a heck of a driver!