ForSALE: Flashlights, XTAR Mini Charger (MC0), XTAR 14500s

Hello. For sale is everything you see in the photo. There’s the Xtar charger, the two smaller flashlights that only run on 14500s, the two 14500s (used very little and slipped back in the box they came in) and the larger flashlight, with it’s charger and battery. Regarding the generic charger on the right, I don’t trust it…it came with the larger flashlight and with no instructions to know when the battery is charged. I’m throwing it in as I’ll never use it, but use it at your own risk. All of this is stuff I’m just not using and so I thought it’s better off being used. Please send me any questions you have via PM. First “I’ll take it” followed by a PM gets the whole package for $30 shipped. Thanks!

Obo. Also, I thought it’d be easier not to split it up but if there’s something you’re dying for, make me an offer.

$25 shipped?

Might have better luck splitting it into two groups.
Xtar MC0 + xtar 14500s.
Lights and other stuff.


Package 1:
MC0 charger, the two 14500s, and the two (gold and silver) 14500 powered only zoomie flashlights. Keep in mind these have all be hardly used. $20 shipped

Package 2:
The remainder of the stuff in the photo, the black zoomis flashlight, the battery, cheapo charger, battery sleeve, and the AAA battery adapter. $10 shipped.

Forgot to mention the large zoomie claims to have a CREE XM-L T6 LED, FWIW.

How about $17 on package #1, and $8 on package #2? Or $22 for all of it?

nada? prices out of wack?

Sometimes the demand isn’t there. Maybe change the thread title to include “For Sale” and maybe throw the Xtar name in there too to grab attention. For those of us that just peruse the ‘recent posts’ page, we can only see the thread title, not that it’s in the ‘For Sale’ category.

edit: there ya go.


Idk bud

My math:
MC0= ~$9
(2) 14500= ~$7
(2) mini zoomies= ~$6
The 18650 zoomie and stuff= ~$12 new

That’s $34…this is all hardly used and shipped to your door at $22.

I forgot to add, no mods have been done to any of this so they’re we’ll suited for your modding pleasures.

Anyone want to buy a vowel for $20…. S_LD?

can you send me a link on what those little flashlights are? might be interested.

I’m interested in all of them if they haven’t sold yet.

G Pilot,

I’m pretty sure this is the link: these

The thing is that they sent me the wrong ones in that they won’t run off of AAs. I could line up 2 AAs and run them (with a bent paperclip) and that’s how I knew they’d sent me the wrong ones. They run fine on the 14500s.

No takers yet, foolio. Shoot me a pm.


Thanks. I like the small lights, gave one to the wife to keep in her purse and the other one will go in my saddle bag just in case. The larger one needs upgraded. I might order some of the small ones for Christmas presents. Very good lights for the non flashaholic. The little xtar charger is cool although I think I’m going to look at one of their multicell chargers. Overall the small light is tiny with decent flood and throw and puts my 3d maglight to shame.