Forward vs Reverse Clicky

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I've admitted before I prefer the reverse and I'll say it again.. I prefer reverse clicky :)

It seems most like the forward/tactical style so I'm curious what the split really looks like. I left twisty style out intentionally because it's primarily reserved for smaller lights.

For single mode lights:

Forward clicky.

for all the rest - as in all but about 3 of the couple of hundred lights I own.

Reverse clicky every time.

If it has modes and a forward clickie I don't want it.

+1 on SingleMode-Forward MultiMode-Reverse. At one time, I would have said forward because it's what I have always known, but after spending time/getting used to reverse, it works fine for me.

Good point, Don. Definitely forward clicky for single-mode lights but reverse for everything else. I'm so used to a flashlight having multiple modes now I forgot about forward being so practical for a single mode :P

I guess for me it would depend on how the UI is setup on the light for me to determine on which i prefer.......Having a forward clicky in a light with a seperate button to change modes like in the ITP S series lights are an example. Another good example was my Olight T10 that i ordered with a forward clicky and i can tell you now that i was not thinking when i ordered it that way lol, got so cumbersome and the mode changed with just a soft press-even a delicate press would change modes, not good when your out walking the dog and sos comes on. Depending on the UI setup and if the light had another button to change modes i went with reverse clicky all the way.

I discovered this a long time ago when I had to do Morse signalling with a light on an airfield. This was in January 1984 on an airfield ten feet (3m) deep in snow.

If you need to send light signals - you need a single mode light with a forward clickie. If you don't - get a reverse clickie which will be much more useful.

I tend to like a forward clickie for everything but I can see how many would prefer a reverse clickie for multi-mode.

I like the momentary feature regardless of how many modes it has since that's usually how I use a light (short bursts).

With a forward clickie and multi-modes I generally choose the mode I want from the start anyway so forward works for that as well. If you turn your lights on and then switch modes several times I can see why you might prefer a reverse clickie.

Having a momentary switch overrides all other concerns for me.

I can see this. Just doesn't work for me.

But we are all different.

And that is a very, very good thing.

I like it when people disagree with me - that's when I learn stuff.

Momentary switches are not a big deal for me - they are for others.

And this is a good thing.

We are all different. And we can all learn from others.

Single mode - Forward

Multimode - Reverse

I also own single and multimode Twisties , and I have to say that multimode twisties are a lot more work ...

( Oh yeah , I just bought the BLF light , what was I thinking ? )

I remember , it says BLF on it .

Highly personal - we like what we like ..

But the reverse clicky rocks my boat

That's another great thing about the flashlight hobby: Something as simple as a tailswitch makes for controversy and can change the entire user experience. Some people prefer a cat and others prefer a dog. Some prefer a reverse clicky and others prefer a forward :)

It’s more complex that liking one or the other. In general I’d say the single mode forward and multiple mode reverse thought is sound. Depends on the light and what it is used for. When I first came here I didn’t understand the strong reverse click bias on this site. Went against everything I had learned other places. I would say these guys have converted me to the way of the reverse clicky. Their anti strobe bias will never get to me though.

I was programmed by CPF and de-programmed by BLF. I’m entirely neutral and happy with either now. Actually, I prefer an electronic switch. :slight_smile:

forward defiantly - modes are easy either way.

really depends, do you want default on or off...

to cycle modes reverse stays on after letting go - forward can cycle and will stay off when let go and you kinda have to choose the mode first, kinda cumbersome esp if you dont have a firm hold.

a lot of people just want it on by default as you are changing modes , mode changes are smoother

i like forward cuz its good for a "peak" with out giving position away entirely , best for weapon lights too, signaling ... not necessary for most but i like it there in case

I dont really know what the difference is, I only have one good flashlight LOL.

I prefer forward even for multimode if the mode selection is made by turning the bezel or ring and so on (Quark AA tactical, Fenix TK12, Jetbeam BC40) ...

its good to have a light without so loud click :)

I agree. Too bad the TrustFire X9 does not have such a feature. :) I really like the momentary on it.

I agree, I don't like the forward clicky on my L2T, but I love the FC on my E21. Turning bezels or selector rings should become mandatory with everything larger than a 1AAA light. Also being able to select modes without having to turn the light on is just amazing.... did I mention that I like the E21?

I jus love the froward clicky on my L2T , use a single mode droppin ...when "spotlighting critters " yes a multi mode dropin would be unsuitable and a hinderance as I always use momentary ...also momentary allows for silent operation ..thats a big'y when hunting

the forward clicky with mutiple mode dropin also makes a great camp light , jus select mode in momentary before clickin on , could get any beter for me froward clicky's rock