Found: $1 LED light bulbs at Dollar Tree

I wish i would find 1 euro led bulbs over here!
So far they are in the 7 euro range… but i may have missed better deals.

Yeah, I read your posting asking for good cheap Chinese bulbs. Of course the ones at DT are probably made in China, but a store like DT has already determined what bulbs are good enough for their customers. Also the $1 bulbs at DT are a dollar because of State subsidies.

I don’t know about the last part…
DT in Virginia are privately owned franchise stores, AFAICT. I don’t think that Virginia participates in any subsidies or rebates. What we get at DT is because… it’s carried by DT. The state isn’t putting $$ in the pockets of the store owners to carry the bulbs. If that were the case, I think I’d see something similar at HD, Lowe’s, WW, Target, etc.
Actually, if I were a state, and that is what I wanted to do, I’d give the “rebate” to the purchaser, on proof of purchase. A little less chance of shenanigans and tom-foolery.

“Yes… I sold $36,000 worth of $ light bulbs last week. Here is my proof.”
“Um… why does it say coconut water, greeting cards, batteries, snacks, and… ‘cheap crap’?”
“I think it’s a computer glitch. Can I just get my subsidies? I have to catch a plane to South America…”

However, if the state IS giving subsidies in CT, then congratulations on getting the state to redistribute OPM!

Yeh, went to the DT myself today. Hit it bout once every two weeks. Never seen any LED bulbs yet. All I got was some black olives and 4 packs/dollar French Breakfast radish seeds

I keep looking for LED bulbs….maybe next time.

I asked at the closest DT about the bulbs. I asked when they would get new stock in. I got two diff’t answers from two diff’t people. Granted, it was on two different days, but still…
If I thought they had time and inclination to answer the phone, I’d just call every day until I got bulbs or got tired (or they got tired of seeing my number in the caller id…).

I got a dozen each of the Lowes LED bulbs in 40 and 60 watts for a buck each last December 2015. They are now in their 14th month of service on my front porch light and lamp post light. They burn @ 15 hours a day. That’s pretty good service so far. Regular incans lasted only 4-5 and sometimes 6 months.

Glad I was able to get in on the BlackFriday from Lowes . Good buys.

FYI, one out of 3 of my local dollar stores had the globe LED for life BR30 bulbs for $1 each. None of the stores had the regular A19 bulbs there are mentioned in this thread.


sorry, meant to get a photo in store but forgot.

The shape makes me think of a flood light. Is it, and, if so, what do you think of the light distribution?

They’re back again….
Couldnt walk past them, bought 4 more packs.

Well, if they ever come back here, I’ll by FIVE PACKS! (er, last time I counted, I figured I could spend $20 on the single bulb packs… how am I going to explain coming home with 60 LED bulbs? Oh well, I’ll worry about that when it happens…)

Gonna have to have another look tomorrow at my local DT.
_Fingers Crossed… :UGHH:

Yesterday I was in Dollar Tree and they now have 2 - LED’s for a dollar!

only 2? :smiley:

I have only seen the single pack indoor floods 9W lately

Yeah, you hold the record.
But I’m catching up! :wink:

i’ve never seen them either (dollar LED bulbs)

I wouldn;t be surprised if it was a regional thing, or maybe your stores have a different franchise owner or something.


Today I caught up with you :slight_smile:

That 2 pack I found yesterday was up by the register. Someone at the last minute decided against it and dumped it there.
Today I went back to see what the display looked like. This is what I saw.

But wait…….
On the top shelf there is the 3 pack of the FEIT’s!!!
I grabbed it and looked around for more. I found them on an endcap :slight_smile:

Later in the day I was in Massachsetts and stopped by a DT there.

If you look carefully, you can see single packs of GreenLite 60W equiv LED’s in the isle.
The endcap in the foreground has 3 kinds of Floodlights. 65W, 75W and 90W.

I had been in Ohio for the past 2 weeks and I had reason to stop in DT for some hand cream.
Of course while in there I checked to see if they had LED light bulbs. And they DID!
They even had the 2 packs!

I didn’t actually need any more, but I bought 1 pack as a souvenir from Ohio. :slight_smile:

well i just had one fail in an outdoor light.
lasted 3 months of dusk-dawn service.

Unfortunately the locations I’ve visited in the Cleveland area never have ANY led bulbs.

Never realized there is a Dollar Tree 5 miles from my house. I’ll have to check it out!