Found: $1 LED light bulbs at Dollar Tree

Gonna have to have another look tomorrow at my local DT.
_Fingers Crossed… :UGHH:

Yesterday I was in Dollar Tree and they now have 2 - LED’s for a dollar!

only 2? :smiley:

I have only seen the single pack indoor floods 9W lately

Yeah, you hold the record.
But I’m catching up! :wink:

i’ve never seen them either (dollar LED bulbs)

I wouldn;t be surprised if it was a regional thing, or maybe your stores have a different franchise owner or something.


Today I caught up with you :slight_smile:

That 2 pack I found yesterday was up by the register. Someone at the last minute decided against it and dumped it there.
Today I went back to see what the display looked like. This is what I saw.

But wait…….
On the top shelf there is the 3 pack of the FEIT’s!!!
I grabbed it and looked around for more. I found them on an endcap :slight_smile:

Later in the day I was in Massachsetts and stopped by a DT there.

If you look carefully, you can see single packs of GreenLite 60W equiv LED’s in the isle.
The endcap in the foreground has 3 kinds of Floodlights. 65W, 75W and 90W.

I had been in Ohio for the past 2 weeks and I had reason to stop in DT for some hand cream.
Of course while in there I checked to see if they had LED light bulbs. And they DID!
They even had the 2 packs!

I didn’t actually need any more, but I bought 1 pack as a souvenir from Ohio. :slight_smile:

well i just had one fail in an outdoor light.
lasted 3 months of dusk-dawn service.

Unfortunately the locations I’ve visited in the Cleveland area never have ANY led bulbs.

Never realized there is a Dollar Tree 5 miles from my house. I’ll have to check it out!

Today I needed a multi tap, non grounded AC adapter. And I knew right where to go to find one, Dollar Tree.

Non grounded wiring is obsolete here in the U.S. I never thought I would need something as rare as that, but I wanted to fork a couple of LED shop lights of the built socket. The light fixture is double insulated

I also knew where in the store to find them, in housewares. My local store is a very high volume store and my biggest gripe about it is that they don’t hire enough cashiers and personnel. When I got to the housewares section, this is what I saw :FACEPALM:

The pegboards are almost bare but there are cases of replacement goods to be hung. Looks like a buying frenzy occurred for whatever reason and I missed it.
Luckily I found my adapter at the far end of this isle and snapped another picture of this isle in the opposite direction.

To the left in the foreground is the shelf with the LED bulbs. If you look carefully you can see that there are still 2 and 3 packs of 60W LED bulbs.
BTW, I hardly ever shop online. Almost always, if something I need can be found in retail, I can get it for less there. Sometimes for a lot less.
Compare that duplex adapter at DT for a $1 vs Ebay for $3.75

Ding, Ding Winner Winner - dochomak got the 3pks.

Darn those Sunbeam 90W BR30 look cool. All I have see are the 65W LEDLife flood single packs.

But I just got home from the DT…
Got ANOTHER Flat (6 pack) of the 3 packs.

I haven’t had one fail yet. Many friends picked these up too and none reported a failure.

Snakebite; which bulb failed on ya? There are several listed here. Was there water in it?
Just Curious…

I think he said it was a CREE.

I was in the local hardware store the other day and saw this. :smiley:

18 times the price!

And then there was this 100W equivalent.

Keep an eye on Walmart, they have like a power savings month or something like that once a year, LED bulbs for 88c two years ago. I ended up buying about 40 or so. Replaced all the old LED bulbs and CFLs that I hated. Can only imagine they will be cheaper, or of better quality this year

Granted, the old LED bulbs that cost from $10-20 never died in 5 years or so. I been through about 10 so far of the walmart ones. But my old LEDs were different color temps, and I only had three of them, and I HATE CFL.

Now every single light in my house is one color temp, and I still have 11 for back ups.

There is a difference between the cheap LED bulbs and the premium ones, but not sure if 10x or more the cost is worth it.

Pulsar, that’s right! Why spend a lot of money now for a so called Premium bulb when in a year or two higher CRI bulbs will be cheap and common.
With hitech, my motto is “Buy cheap and upgrade often”

It looks like my Dollar Tree got their act together and restocked and tidied up the shelves is house wares. Before and after pics.

And they restocked the 3 packs of FEIT’s

But the most impressive thing was realizing that $1 LED bulbs are so ho-hum these days that my DT now stocks 4 kinds.
Look closely, on the bottom shelf, left to right. Green light single pack, FEIT 3 pack, Sunbeam single pack and LED-Life double pack!

Take your pick :slight_smile:

The Dollar Tree near me FINALLY has the $1 Sunbeam led bulbs. It would be nice to see more than one option to choose from butit’s nice to see them offering an alternative to incandescents.

I was back in my Dollar Tree tonight and found that they now carry 7 different choices of LED bulbs
Remember now, EVERYTHING in the store sells for $1

Left to Right in the picture
2 pack of LED Life 800 Lumen bulbs
1 pack of GreenLite 800 Lumen
1 pack GE 280 Lumen “Designer” bulb
3 pack of FEIT 800 Lumen bulbs
1 pack of Sylvania 250 Lumen clear dome bulb
1 pack of Sunbeam 1600 Lumen bulb
1 pack of Sunbeam 800 Lumen bulb
In the forground, resting against my knee is an empty tray of a 650 Lumen BR30 flood light.

What the shelf looked like while I was there.

It looks like they are getting to restock the shelves, here are cases of the FEIT 3 packs!

dchomak, I hate you. Since this thread and others about DollarTree, General, etc have started, I’ve yet to find the first LED bulb OF ANY TYPE in my local store…EVER !!

Guess it’s just an up-North thing.

Nawwww….Don’t really hate you…lol just my local store…