Found: 2.8-3.0A buck driver.

Hi all,

I need a buck driver for 2 li-ions that is 20mm or smaller. I’d really like to find one in the US. New or used is fine, preferably 3-5 mode. Here are some examples of what would work.

Offering cash or trade :slight_smile:

Thanks everyone.

EDIT: Got one thanks.

This ?

^that would be my suggestion, nice driver.

Pm sent…… I was trying to zoom in of the first link from my phone :slight_smile:

Yep thats it. Nirto is including one with a package he's sending me.

Thanks everyone.

That does sound like a great driver. Would work great in an STL-V2 clone I have. Might see if FastTech can carry them.

That’d be awesome! They currently have a 3A buck driver but it’s got flashy modes + traditional mode memory. I wouldn’t mind SOS/flashy modes if I didn’t have to cycle through them every time I want to change modes…

Here you are johnnymac, just fitted one in my torchlite host, I’m seeing 2.94a on high, nice usefull mode spacing, no blinkies. I’m very pleased with it.

These are IMO the best buck driver ever circulated from HK. Its been out a long time and not many drivers trump it for the price. I have used these in everything from 6D maglites to surefire E series heads.