Found 2-pack 40w CFLs at Dollar Tree!

Look what I found!
2 pack of 40w CFLs! 50¢ each!!
They are HUGE!
2600 lumens!

On the left is the CFL and on the right is a 32w CFL which I got for something like $1.20 at the 99 ranch market; this was previously the biggest CFL I had and the cheapest of that kind of size.

These are great if you need a lot of light! :stuck_out_tongue:

That is a heck of a deal. 2 – 150W equivalent CFL’s for a dollar!
If I found those I would buy a bunch, each bulb is 2600 lumen. CFL’s are on ther way out, but you can’t beat the lumen to dollar ratio here. 5200 lumen for a buck, are you kidding me? For certain applications this is a great buy.
Just a couple of years ago, I ordered 4 - 150W equivalent CFL’s in daylight color from Amazon. I remember I paid $8.98 each. It killed me to do it, but I NEEDED them.
The ones you found are warm white, actually better for most other applications.
When I say I’d buy a bunch, what I mean is I would “invest” $10 and get 10 packs. That would be 20 bulbs. I would put them aside and probably one day I would use some. If not, (not likely) I have only wasted $10. Don’t forget, I already spent $36 on just 4 of these. :wink:

Well I went to 3 different nearby DT’s today looking for those huge CFL’s
All I could find were stinking $1 LED’s :smiley:

I love the 3000K $1 LEDs. They look much nicer than the 2700K.

No more CFLs for me. The risk of breakage and exposure to mercury is not worth it to me.