found a decent spotlight at kohls

it’a a smartgear i do believe . it has decent throw fo a 16$ light. it’s rechargeable. and the grip spins and it has an auxiliary handle to stand it up on the bottom. i like it

Thats the Kohls I am thinking about right? The one that has all the women’s clothing? If so, cool to see that they have some macho stuff too! lol
Thanks for the pics.

ours here has mens women kids a whole shelf of flashlights and an electronic section. i definitely have brighter lights but i like this set up. seems like it’d be easy to mod to

I live less than half a mile from one. I need to go take a closer look around. I missed the mens “toy” section! :wink:

Guys… uhhh… think twice about going to Kohls: J)

Bwahaha good one

LOL. Darn, I want that light, but there's a limit to how far I will go. Staples is a hard one.

Seriously though, did you happen to catch what the diameter of the reflector is Zach?

it’s at kohls. and nah i have no way to measure it. but i like it ive used it several times this week. and i know it’ll hit out at 100yards. played with it at a local football field in the dark