(Found) Anyone spare a bit of aluminium?

Hi folks, I’m after a piece of aluminium 1” dia and about 1” long, so have a look on the workshop floor and see if you’ve got an off-cut!
Willing to pay……

Thanks for looking


Check out this link.


Including shipping you probably can get it for under 10 dollars.

I think the OP is not in the U.S. though… the “aluminIum” was the clue :)… JUST KIDDING :)!


Do you have a metal supermarket near you,i find thing like this if they r decent blokes,will let you have for a round of teas.One near me the guys r spot on.

I do have a 1’ 6061 aluminum round bar. I could cut what ever size you would like.
My source for aluminum stock.
If you call and place the order, there shipping charge is generally cheaper than the web price.
Order a foot for $3.09 + shipping and have extra to spare. Try calling, they may even be able to cut it to 1” in length and send you several by usps for less than $10 total.

Not a problem! I'll send you a chunk... I have plenty of 1". I'll drop you a P.M. .


awesome! that’s why i love this place!

Bought loads more than I need from a metal fabrication workshop, for just a few squid!

Cheers for the suggestions and kind offers