Found cheaper source for Sky Ray STL-V6/ FandyFire equivalent

This is my first post but I have many budget lights. I have been looking for an 18650 thrower and found the Sky Ray and eventually this szobm, which seems to just be rebranded. Has anyone ordered from this site before? I would but I am waiting on a response to my email inquiring about shipping cost.

The problem is that you have to add shipping at that site which you don't have to when you buy at most other places because its free.

Yeah I think the price may come out even with dealextreme making it not worth the hassle. Any idea on usual shipping costs?

I paid about $15 in shipping to the US for a 2 x 18650 flashlight that I couldnt find anywhere else.

Lol I guess it is actually more expensive.

I emailed them before. No replies. I am not from the USA.

Their prices are definitely bulk prices which is why they undercut eveyone else on several lights. However, you have to order a bunch of lights to get the shipping charge low enough to be worth it.