[Found]French noob searching a EDC light

Hi! :slight_smile:

So, yes I’m a noob concerning lights and… French. :bigsmile:
I have read many thread but my average English level prevents me to understand all what I read. I read English pretty slowly (and write this post a lot more slowly!!) so you know I have some difficulties to choose my EDC light.
Sorry, I know that I will ask questions that have already asked but I can’t read all the thread, it’s too hard for me.
And obviously sorry for my bad English level! :~

Ok, let’s speak about the main subject!
I’m searching a EDC light. I saw lights like Fenix LD10, LD09 or E12. It seems to can be some good EDC lights.
But there is so many brands, so many models, so many technologies that I’m lost and I’m sure that I will miss “the” light I need. :Sp

This is (approximately) my specifications:

- AA battery (imperative)

- 10cm long (4”)

- more than 100 lumens

- good autonomy (things like 40h in low luminosity mode and 1h30 in hight luminosity)

  • maximum 30/40€ (35/50:money_mouth_face:

As I said it’s approximatives values. But the AA battery is non-negotiable.
If you have ideas of good lights I will glad to read you.

Thanks in advance! :slight_smile:

Olight S15?

I don’t like French people, they are grumpy.
(Just fooling around, cannot help myself) :party:

The only thing I can say strongly and quickly: do not use Alkaline cells. Only rechargeable NiMH if you want good performance on high modes and you do not want Alkaline batteries to leak into your flashlight.

Stereotypes! We aren’t grumpy. :stuck_out_tongue:
Thanks for Olight S15 idea, I make some research about it.

Yes concerning cells, I want to buy some 2000Mha AA of the brand Eneloop that seems to be great. Are you agree?

Yes, very good, those a NiMH cells.

I also like the Eagletac D25A, maybe a bit on the expensive side for you?
Thrunite Archer 1A or 1A v2 ?

PS: look at my location, lol :slight_smile:

Thanks for there news model reference. They are a little bit expensive but not too expensive.
There is a lot of models. It’s hard to choose. :stuck_out_tongue:

For now the powerfull light I have is a Petzl Myo XP that produice 85 lumen in turbo mode (during 20 seconds). :bigsmile:

PS : Yes Lithium you’re not too far from France.

I think you will find Olight S15 great for EDC, like Lithium said.

I had one and its been doing very good for months now. Just one problem for the side-switch which you might need to do lock-out( can be done by loosen the tail-cap or press hold the button for 2 seconds to lock-out), or slide the pocket clip close to the button to prevent accidental turn-on.

The form factor of the Olight S15 is different than other lights. Is the head of the light not too bulky?

I also seen Nitecore MT1A.

Something you may not be aware of as a noob is that you’ll probably rate user interface, temperature of the emiter and CRI higher than absolute maximum output as your priorities down the road when you mature in your flashlight expertise.

A twisty will typically be smaller than a clicky but more awkward to use.

A neutral white emitter is easier on the eye and cuts through rain smog or snow better than a cool emitter.

Cree make very efficient emitters but lacks in CRI (the ability to render color with fidelity) compared to leds froms Nichia like the 219 (wich is itself not bad regarding efficiency).

The L10 from L3 illumination is a very small AA light that can be ordered in twisty or clicky version and uses a neutral white Nichia 219 (as well as a cree xp-g), it’s current regulated on all modes (very efficient and no flicker), can be ordered in a 4 modes ( firefly(0.09lumens 147hours) -> Low (3 lumens, 30hrs ) -> Medium (30 lumens) —> High (120 lumens, 1.5hrs)) or 3 modes version (same as 4 modes minus the moonlight mode), for the modest amount of 24,99$ at sbflashlights.com.


I use nimh batteries with mine

Eagletac D25A

Energizer Lithium disposable cells work fine and are probably the best choice of disposable cell for a quality flashlight.

The reasons you shouldn’t use alkalines are:

  • they leak and can wreck your light
  • they aren’t good at sustaining high current and can result in low output.

I second this. The Eagletack D25A is an excellent light.

  • It has a nice grippy shape
  • slim cylinder is great for pocket EDC
  • Adequate output with choice of emitters.

I’d suggest getting it with a neutral tint XPG2 emitter.

Decide if you want to twist the head or press a switch to turn on or off. Almost any single AA light with an XPG2 led will give you 100 lumens.

Take a look at the Foursevens lights, too. 10 year warranty and they ship within the European Union.

Here are my favorites:

EagleTac D25A clicky is my current favorite.

Perfect small size, takes commonly available AA cells
( with 14500 being my preferred power source)
and has a very nice stiff, ” flush mounted” clicky which is Not likely to activate- even in crowded

How about the Jetbeam

SSA10 $52.43

JETBEAM PA10 $49.44

JETBeam BA10 $29.47

My current AA EDC-light is a Nitecore Sense AA. Still very useful as a key ring light. I like AA flashlights, but the main advantage is that AA flashlights can be small. I see no point at all in single AA flashlights that are as big as a compact 18650 flashlight. I really like my Olight S20-L2 as reinforced EDC when I carry a bag, or in a jacket. It is a 18650 flashlight, but a very compact one.

Wow thanks all for all this propositions! :smiley:
The luminosities and autonomy are pretty similars from one model to an other.

I thinks I prefer a clicky light.
Thanks JamesB for the informations you told me. :wink:
I don’t find L10 in clicky version.

Foursevens lights is too expensive for me.

I will lock at all this models. Eagletac D25A seems interesting, a little bit expensive also.
Concerning the Eagletac D25A On the website it’s write that the maximum luminosity is turbo mode and this mode is avaible just 200 secondes. I hope the luminosity don’t fall from 190 lumens to 117 lumens after 200 secondes.