Fountain Pens

I’ve recently taken up fountain pens as an EDC. Points in favour of fountain pens over normal pens:

  • Fountain pens are easier on the wrist.
  • I write slower and thus better.
  • Refillable.
  • I won’t lose it cause it’s not as meaningless as a ball point.
  • Not as cheap


  • Sometimes messy.
  • Not as cheap.

There seems to be quite the range of fountain pens, much like flashlights. There are some makers pushing the thousand dollar range, like Montblanc, but there also being some cheap chinese ones that seem good too, like Jinhao.

Just wondering if there’s other budget minded people here who like fountain pens too.

I like to use fountain pens as well, especially from Lamy.

I have the Lamy Al-Star but I’m considering upgrading to the 2000.

I’ve been eyeing the Lamy lines. I’ve only picked up a Sheaffer Viewpoint from the local Michael’s so far, and now I’ve got 4 various ones, and 6 different ink samples coming in the mail. :stuck_out_tongue:

I am extremely hard on my pens. (In and out of pockets all day long, obsessive clicking, throwing across rooms to friends, drumming with them), and the only thing I have found that can keep up with that is a metal clicky pen (even a metal shell (zebra g-301) will do) or a thick plastic pen. Plus I doodle, and I have found gels work way better for me than fountains in that department.
That being said, I like fountain pens. I like the smoothness and flow of it. They just don’t fit in my edc lineup.

What are your favorites?

I have some full metal Parkers (ballpoint and pencil) and this beautiful Sheaffer:

Which I really loved at the time, because of the looks and design.
But I never use them anymore.
Cartridges run empty and forget to buy new… :slight_smile:
And a BIC writes more comfortable than a Parker…
Can be very nice objects though.
I suppose a nice pen is a must have when you’re a suit.
But I think you have to like how a fountain pen writes and / or adapt your writing to it.
I’m usually to hasty for a fountain pen…

I like fountain pens a lot!
Since I am also into flex nibs, going the non-budget route would mean spending some serious money for vintage gold nib pens. I don’t like them enough for that right now. :stuck_out_tongue:
Serwex makes really nices pens, I EDC their discontinued Executive model, but the MB is also very nice!
Noodler also makes some nice pens and his flex nibs allow a very pronounced line variation.
I would not EDC one of those in my shirt pocket, but I have one reserved for my signature in a case.
Noodler also makes beautiful and functional inks.
Water resistant, quick drying, highly shading . . whatever you need. Might be especially interesting for you north American based guys since you don’t have to pay the ink’s price again in shipping. Sometimes I can’t resist though and order a bag full of samples from the Goulet’s shop linked above.

I’m too new to that hobby to have a favorite yet, but I have been eyeing the Pilot Vanishing Point clicky fountain pen pretty had. Sounds like something that you might like as well.

Nice! I ordered my ink samples from they’re in Canada so no import charges for me and they do samples the same way goulet does.

I love to use fountain pens. Paper quality can be a problem however. Some ink jet paper is good, but most paper bleeds. If there is a drawing or poster plotter where you work that paper is generally fantastic for use with fountain pens. There are always scraps where prints and drawings are trimmed down. When I was working, I made a lot of notes and doodles, nice paper and a good fountain pen with green/red/brown/black ink made life more enjoyable.

I always used to use Conquerer laid vellum paper and envelopes when using a fountain pen.
I now use 120gsm inkjet paper with a gel pen or rollerball.
Their Bamboo looks like something I’d use, especially the Terracotta or Sahara.

I’ve just bought a few LAIX “Tactical” pens that can use Parker Quinkflow refills, that might get me using proper ink and fountain pens again.
Are there any other refills that are Parker compatible?

IIRC, doane paper and fountain pens work well together.

Is that the Sheaffer Imperial 444? I have one of those, with chrome trim and steel nib, and also one I bought my father in 1974, with gold nib & trim (Imperial 444 XG). Both are a little scratchy. My latest fountain pen is the Pilot Prera, which writes much nicer (but not as well as a Pilot Custom 74, which, with Iroshizuku bottled ink, is looovely). :slight_smile:

Yes it apparently is the Imperial 444 :slight_smile:
(never knew that)
I used ‘blue black’ ink in it.

My favourite fountain pen is a pink Parker Urban. It is pretty much perfect.

There is a great site, Cult Pens. Browse at your wallets peril… :bigsmile:

From the little I’ve found out so far, the Aurora and Levenger long cartridges are supposed to be compatible. All three are proprietary, so it’s hearsay. But you can get a parker convert to use bottle ink or refill cartridges with a syringe.

I use jetpens. great customer service, based in CA.

FYI, I can only find the pilot vanishing points for over $100. Ouch. Thats a lot of money to risk losing IMO. If only they were cheaper. It’s interesting how the clip is at the bottom of the pen instead of the top.

I bought 2 Parker Quinkflow refills at my local Morrisons Supermarket at over £1 cheaper than I could find online, black only and 0.8mm fine tip but they write better than what was in the pens when I bought them.