Fox Pro Hunter knife

Is there any Chinese copy of this beauty?

Quite a beautiful knife! Just need to replace the American flag with a Chinese flag and reduce the price by 80%. :bigsmile:

There is nothing I dont like about that knife. I have never heard of Fox knives before. I guess a chinese copy would be hard to find. It seem there are not nearly as many fixed blades as folders. Im not a knife expert, or even novice really, so can anyone who is tell me if that knife is worth it?

Fox Knives is an Italian knife company based in Maniago. Been around for a while. They don't sell a lot in North America, which is why I gather they opened a US office and website. I'm pretty sure they're a military knife maker that started to make civilian knives (like Ka-Bar, SOG, Ontario, RAT Cutlery, TOPS knives, etc.).

I've never owned or handled any Fox knives, but I have handled a couple of knives they make/made for Spyderco (the Volpe and the Squeak). Pretty nice stuff.