Foy - He's alive and well!


Since a lot of you have been wondering as to the wherabouts of a certain special and admired member here, I thought I'd pass this along.

I just got off the phone with Foy and he's doing just fine, but has just been very busy lately. I understand that completely, which is also why I haven't been posting myself as much lately.

So, with that in mind, it might be nice for someone to post up here a quick 3 month synopsis of what's been going on so he can get back up to speed. Heck, I'd appreciate that myself as well

Thanks all,


thats great newsfoy! thanks for sharing

Tell him there are new Solarforce flashlights available :bigsmile:
Glad he is ok :beer:

Three new models of solarforce were released…sold out…and discontinued.

Thanks for calling him Match, I had been wondering myself. As for a synopsis, it's been pretty tacticool.

Good foynews indeed.

The Foyness Quotient or FQ of BLF just increased

We have all become sinkpad obsessed and one member is working on a custom 1A buck/boost circuit, with plans to design a 3A version

That about sums it up. I had a very similar feeling at the beginning of each of those episodes. You haven’t missed the completion of these though.

Also. Nitro did a group buy on some XML/xpg copper stars that went fairly well and Scaru hasn’t blown himself up yet. Texaspyro made himself a piss light and MRsDNF finished(and then gave away!) a sweet little AA lathe job. OL has made a mint for Maglite and several very nice giveaway threads( I won a tri stone sharpening system with Buck pen knife) and international outdoor left their back door open and someone pulled down our pants.

And am enjoying it immensely, daily and nightly, multiply timely…

not just a piss light… high cri when he pee

Reviews , mods , giveaways , joking around .


I haven’t heard anything from Lumatic for a while.

(Some silliness with staying at 999 posts and the 1,000 post giveaway.)

Yeah, right. We know you knocked him off and ran off with his Solarforce stash and are just trying to deflect attention from his unfortunate demise… J)

Foybulous news, glad he is ok. WemissFoyaroundhere

Samaoldsameold, new lights, new mods, more lumens, new arguments, LOL. Threads come up so fast I can't keep up with it on a daily basis.

Very glad to hear Foy is alive and kicking. Laughing I miss him here and you too Match.

Oh snap… foyizzlemynizzle !!! Glad to hear you’re alive and well.

I´ll just add a “+1” here.

Good to know everything is fine 8)

New stores: seems to be one of the most recommended stores now considering prices, customer support, page layout, DIY parts… etc… The have a budget high quality brand named Convoy with several driver and emitter options. Foy would like them. Convoy lights need to get Foy tested and maybe Foyapproved! :wink: is a page that have some of the lowest prices ever when having sales. Some smaller language barriers, etc…

Who the hell lis Foy?







just kiddin’ :slight_smile: probably hangin’ with Lumatic… :open_mouth:

We know he’d have needed a U-Haul cargo van to accomplish that!