I was doing a search for a Foy reviewed product and when i typed in his name it search suggested Foyapproved
Where is the Foy anyways?

I also noticed his absence…maybe he’s foolishly trying to stay away…again…

Staying away = not spending money.

Just wait for solarforce to come out with an all new host :wink:

The reviews have the BEST pic’s!

Hypothetically speaking, it may be possible that a large, unruly mob of BLF member owned wallets got toghther and abducted Foy. Tired of being tattered thin and worn thread-bear after their masters read Foy’s reviews, they have him secured in an undisclosed location.

Rumor has it he’s located somewhere near Chinook Montana but I don’t believe rumors. I believe he is being held somewhere along route 89 near the VT/NH boarder.

As soon as SolarForce pays the ransom he will be released unharmed.

In all seriousness I hope Foy is fine, maybe just taking a little time off. His reviews are superb and his photos set the standard. I always enjoy reading his reviews.