Foy's going to drool - Solarforce releasing new host, L2T

they are trying to produce a sst90 flashlight when i contact them on May regarding about my designs. Maybe we will hear from them from a few months time for a 3*xml flashlight after their release of sst90

I hope the host will cost about $20. It is a good product but it doesn't have many "plus" compared to a L2P.

That head would look very nice on a L2P body with one of the low profile SS bezels. :P

You guys are nuts; this light is way cool. What do you bet I do a review on this guy and a half dozen people go place an order?

I've been in Utah the last few days visting my new grandchildren. We always stay at my mother-in-law's house and she has no internet. Doesn't even have a computer so, I've some catching up to do.


Maybe one of these will do:

I really wish they wouldn't print "Caution Hot Surface" and that little graphic on their lights.

Welll, SirJohn, you called it. Nicely played.

Never underestimate Foy's love affair with SolarforceWink

According to solarforce-sales's gonna coming for order within 3-4 weeks from stay close...Foy....

. . . or Foy's objective eye for superior quality and value.

It looks like it would provide a solid grip and has a good place to put a GITD o-ring. Wish they would scallop the tail so it could tailstand.

Well you'll be able to swap out the switch for a L2P style one - :)

Let's just hope they make it sensibly priced.

Am I the only one that thinks there should be a host introduced called the LF04...



Well, the L2T just came out today...

The price is surprisingly reasonable at $16.99 (+shipping).

However, it doesn't say HAIII andodizing, and the jury's still out on the styling.

Oww, just visited solarforce-sales and I ran to inform you guys first but Mr.Admin is admin for a reason :)

Good price BTW. Might think of getting one.

There is an XM-L version also.

Weird thing about S/F lights, seems that you always have to replace one end or the other to get the light you really want.

Not so weird... they do that on purpose because they can nickel-and-dime you to death with lego accessories. :)

I wouldn't constrain that issue to just flashlights.

What happen ?

I went to check , and next thing I knew , I was clicking on the PAY NOW button !

I think I need to play more online games ...