Foy's going to drool - Solarforce releasing new host, L2T

Purchased one also!! Yell

Be very thankful that we are not playing with Surefire, Eagletac, Jeatbeam, Olight, Fenix or even customs for that matter. Have you checked out how expensive those Eagletac and Jetbeam 2300maH batteries are? (you think they will give you additional cap and make it 2600-2800mAH in reality? Innocent

Even if we own a few good lights like 2 x SF, 2x Olight, 2x Jetbeam, 2x Fenix, 1 x Zebralights (never understood the styling), 2x customs, we will still continue to buy. And there will be new emitter technology a few months down the road.

ThruNite , ArmyTek , Sunwayman , Xeno , Skilhunt , Lumintop , the L2T just might be a bargain ...

This seem to be ha-ii, though. If they make it in that sexy dark metallic silver I'll get one instantly.

for 17$ this host looks great..I want to give it a whirl but the PO is on strike until next week hopefully..

I like it knurled head looks like the Farka I just got

that rubber piece is my handier than it looks's used to anti roll and give you good grip.. the knurl on the Farka is superb.

Actually, the rubber piece "stopper" is there for a good reason. Its called the Roger's technique.

Farka just takes and cuts part of it off it's also used as an anti roll device . flat spot on the rubber , double the o rings

now i need a tactical lawn mower ..

How about this one?

Nice ...Just not tactical enough for me ..I was thinking about replacing the sprinkler heads in the yard with pop up mirrors and a tactical laser. Would cut the grass and edge in about 3 seconds ..A pest deterant as well cutting them into small slices as they fall and add nutrients to the soil.

This is actually what robot mowers are doing. Since they cut the lawn daily, the clippings are usually less than 5mm long and don't need to be collected. They serve as a vertilizer. Second benefit is, since the height of the grass is allways kept the same, the lawn becomes very dense, like on a golf court.