Free 2x UNprotected TF Flames UK only

Would anyone who uses unprotected 18650s like a couple of free TF Flames? I ordered the protected ones from Dino Direct and they sent me unprotected. They seem to work fine but I just don't like the idea of them being unprotected. If not they are off to the recycle centre. UK only as it would be as expensive to post international as it would be just getting them from China.

It's safe to use.

I use it on some of my lights.

As long as you have a DMM

Although it would be nice to have a light with a low voltage cut off.

I sent you a PM offering to cover your postage as I could do with a couple of extras. It's true what's been said above though, they are just as safe to use as non-protected cells in almost any situation. Just be sure not to overdischarge them and be careful not to shortcircuit them (this shouldn't happen in normal use anyway). A light with low voltage protection would give you added peace of mind.

Going to RedForest UK.

unprotected are enough safe to use in a single cell flashlight, at closed eyes if you have reliable charger

about Dino Direct, if you ordered protected and they sent you unprotected, ask for a replacement/giftcard by DD livechat or RMA

or just pm kraisler he will handle the case for you xD