FREE adobe CS2, acrobat pro 8, audition 3


It’s technically a mistake.

It’s not free…it’s for current owners of Adobe CS2 era products.

…but don’t let that stop you

It’s as much ‘free’ as downloading them from torrents. While at it, you might get much newer version from illegal sources - with bunch of new hip and trendy features.

Thanks, jmpaul!

Unfortunately the new stuff often removes the useful features the old version had…

…i’m looking at you Adobe!

key word being illegal. they’d have a tough time prosecuting individuals for downloading from their site and using a serial number they provide.

really, stay legal folks. I don’t have any torrents on my computer. I swear.

Nope, they wouldn’t. There’s such thing as ‘license agreement’, and you’re supposed to actually read it instead of just clicking ‘Yes, I have read terms and conditions, and accept them (including donation of my soul to Adobe Soul Fund)’.

How is it illegal if they’re providing the software and serial # on their site? If it truly is a mistake then they can easil y. Invalidate. The serial

Originally you were supposed to goto another page on their site, get an Adobe ID and then it would take you to the download page. This was originally intended for people that already had these products, but an older version that required online authentication. They removed that part of the software and posted it up so current owners can download the software to replace their previous version.

It wasn’t supposed to be made “this” public.

of course they would, because there isn’t a judge that would convict you…or even hear the case. don’t believe me? I’ll believe you when you find me one case of adobe prosecuting and individual user for stealing 1 copy.

besides, they didn’t make a mistake, they obviously don’t care, so no one is going to come looking in the first place.

using a torrent requires sharing the torrent, so they can go after you for the licensing fees many times over, instead of 1.

ask jammie thomas or Joel Tenenbaum how that works out, financially ($222,000 and $675,000)

let’s see, risk lifetime of indebtedness or a couple hundred bucks, hmm

bad advice for those not aware of how to minimize that risk

>using a torrent requires sharing the torrent

Obviously you haven’t researched very well in how torrents work.

I uninstalled all of it. I don’t want any trouble. I don’t want to start a big debate or scene here either. Apologies to anyone who might be offended. I thought I was sharing something free legally. Not my intent to perpetuate something shady.

I will remove the link from the OP

not obvious at all…I mean really, I make a very good living with computers - you won’t be the one to school me on them lol

but you made my point for me…didn’t you

anybody that sees your post can download utorrent, but isn’t necessarily aware of the risks, or how to minimize them.