Free Advice ...Don't buy this light

Yet another DUD thread .

Do you have a light so bad you wish to tell others to avoid it ??

Go for it

Wholesale DOCTOR NURSE Medical Pocket Pen Light Flashlight White Here is a light so bad it makes you want your two bucks back .....

a light so silly it makes you want to throw it overboard .

Got a light that turned out to be a dud ?

- feel free to warn others -

links? :evil:

A dud thread.
This will be interesting.

To me the worst light I have ever bought was the Arc AAA, I remember it and still makes my blood boil, it was very unreliable to put it nicely, I totally enjoyed destroying this light with extreme prejudice. :bigsmile:

Philosophical Question - When a dud light arrives should we be pleased or disappointed that if doesn’t work?

Just asking……… :smiley:

The Nebo Blueline was one heck of a dud. When I got mine, the gunshops near me were selling them for $27.00!!!

I got one and was so sad. Blue tint, not 130 lumens, maybe 30 lumens. Cheap piece of crap. A Sipik 68 is built so much better at 1/4th the price and is brighter.

Wow, that was the AAA cat’s meow back in the day, was that in 2000? 2002?

The first picture looks like a pen.

are the worst when I first. Started with what I then thought a budget light travelled 40 miles each to a batteries plus to buy a Nebo redline a so called 230 lumen light with a zoomies head gave a purplish 50-60 lumen out put I waa actually glad when I lost it so it gave a reason to buy my first C8 I s ans I should have heeded Foys advice and walk away then no iam woefully ununderfunded and uneducated and have definitely lost !

Yeah it takes 2 AAA's and you have to continually press the clip in to get the 5mm purple tint emitter to light up . it's so bad you pull batteries immediately .Pretty bad when you don't want to waste 2 batteries.