Free Flashlight Drawing: "Like" Illumination Supply on Facebook!

Hey All!

I've got some spare thrunites lying around, so why not give a few away?

Visit my page and hit like! Click Me!

and you'll be entered in for a drawing for one of the above lights. I'll grab a winner every day until I run out of lights!

You'll then also be up to date on what's going on over here.

Thanks all :)


You have been liked. :)


I like that! :)

I was actually suggested to do a giveaway from someone that ordered from me. so here I am!


Consider it done. Always wanted to try a Thrunite, good luck to me!


wohoo! :)


Nice stock! Me like!




Liked, Craig! I wasn't aware you had a FB page. Good stuff! :)

Liked. Nice fb page.


I already liked your shop and goods but am not in the habit of liking things on FB. But I do see updates about products being easier to follow.

All you need to do is like the page, not the post! Thanks all :)


Like totally liked your totally likable facebook giveway.. totally...

That sounds pretty bad lol... but I guess what sounds worse to my wallet is that this promo has resulted in me putting together a cart over the last half hour already worth $130!!! and its still growing :(

Yet another LED-site to like.^^

Liked Thanks!

Liked and really liked. I once had a Lumens Factory drop-in from you and I must say, I loved it and especially how fast it arrived :)

I would order a Ti, but was holding back due to, you know, the total count of the lights I had :) Now I'm into CR123 lights and I guess any of these lights will be a very nice gift for me.

Thanks for this.

liked, ty for this giveaway