Free Flashlight Holster

I have a couple of new flashlight holsters that I'd like to give to people that could really use them. The picture shows 4 holsters but 1 is already gone, there are 2 that will hold a 6P or 9P size flashlight. They have a Velcro closure top and a belt loop on the back. The smaller one is for a single CR123 size flashlight, it too has a belt loop on the back and a loop that can be clipped onto a vest, backpack etc. I am willing to pay the postage to mail the holsters so this will be limited to the continental United States only. Just post up which one you want then PM me your mailing information.

Very nice; we should call this the FFL - the Free Flashlight Forum !!!


..or GAF (the Give Away Forum)


Nice gesture!

I don't live inside CONUS and don't really need more holsters either, still wanted to say thanks for doing this.

Very nice of you, Telman2! I have an Apex gas can that would fit nicely in the little holster.

If it is still available I like the holster that's second from the left. I think that one will fit my ultrafire WF-502b. I'll PM you my name and address.

Thank you gentlemen, all of the holsters have been claimed. The people that have requested them have all been PM'd.

I don't need any Telman.

I just wanted to say thanks for the nice gesture.