FREE: S&W Galaxy and Galls H.A.L.O.

OK…here we go, yours for the price of shipping and handling…S&W Galaxy and Galls H.A.L.O. lights. The S&W is a host only, the Galls needs to be re-lamped but is otherwise complete. Not pictured is a blood filter that attaches to the Galls. The Galls has wear, the S&W is near pristine with only some pinpricks here and there.

Just wanted to throw them up here in case someone much more crafty than myself could make something out of them. I have another account on here but lost the PW with no apparent hope of retrieval…so I had to make this one. I’ve been here a little while and also on other sites.

Here for a limited time, probably about a week. If you’re seeing this, they’re still here.

PM sb and ask nicely if he can do anything for you. Never hurts to ask…

as for the light: with all the custom drivers as of late, someone might be able to pull of a really cool mod.

Thank you! I’ll try that.

Lights are gone…Thanks for interest.