(Free shipping)YEZL M2 860LM 3Mode CREE XML T6 LED Flashlight

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YEZL M2 860LM 3Mode CREE XML T6 LED Flashlight

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Hello everybody, Here share anther flashlight for you guys.(free shipping)

UniqueFire HS-802 CREE R2 260 Lumens LED Flashlight with 2 Batteries & Charger Kit

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That looks like a c8 with Yezl stamped on it

As i checked out time ago... they offer about the same as anyone else from the usual suspects pool (MF, DX, KD, ebay...) but with a 20-80% markup more. I'ts like dinodirect "high season" prices style with useless coupons.

At least the yezel is probably decently driven and no disco modes. Hardly worth the 2x price of a "generic" one and swapping the driver for a good one.

Someone likes batteries! Someone likes flashlights!

BJ2010520 your price are too high compared to other seller. I do not think anyone will buy from you. Thank you anyway.

On the Yezl, Yes.

But his offer on the Uniquefire HS-802 with charger and 2 batteries is very, very good indeed. (See post two above.)


If you truly plan on selling torches here, you will need to offer our very savvy membership a true good deal. They can small a scam or bad deal from 1.6 Km away.

For example, the torch pictured above can be had for approximately $25USD (plus shipping) from a trusted vendor.

If you were to offer the same for $25, shipped, you would gain quite a few new customers.

Please consider my proposal, as your current approach is a waste of time and bandwidth; you are pushing away more customers than you are capturing.


so, in case anyone is interested in C8 for 2/3 the price BJ is asking


or brass pill


btw, BJ - not the best name for a seller. well....of flashlights anyway.

The rainbow icon this website has kills it for me.

No comments re his Unique HS-802 offer then? Shame on you all......

The way I see it, its unfair on the guy to complain about his not so good offer on the Yezl while failing completely to thank him for his very decent offer on the Uniquefire HS-802/Charger & two cells.

Balance, lads, balance.

For me, the charger and batteries have no value. Discount just the light and I'll thank him w/ paypal.

Very well said.

I would disagree that it's not fair - he presented the overpriced product, I countered with friendly pricing advice.

Those who can take advantage of the other offer may wish to thank him themselves. I'm with dthrckt on this one.

If you re-read your post (# 8 above) you will see that you gave no idea whatsover about which "torch pictured above" could be had for $25. There was not the slightest clue in your words about which deal you were referring to. The general inference was that it didn't matter which and that the guy was not offering any decent deals at all. That was unfair.

I accept that because you personally don't need more cells or a charger then the HS-802 offer was not a deal that appealed to you. But that did not make it a "scam or bad deal", to use your own words.

I should have been more clear, thanks.

I would definitely call 50% over-market (Yezl) a bad deal. The 802 is not.

Dear how2. Thanks for your comments and visit. We just want to share some good flashlights to fans . And please post your comments and needs. Thanks a lot!

Dear how2. Thanks for your comments and visit. We just want to share some good flashlights to fans . And please post your comments and needs. Thanks a lot!

Dear Chicago X, Thanks for your good words and advice.About the price, we will try our best to communicate with some departments of our company. Just feel free to tell me your needs and I will try my best to service for you .

Thanks for your advice. About my name,yes,I wanted to change my name ,but now i can not.

Hmmm. dear , Uniquefire HS-802/Charger&two cells is a good choice. Thanks for your comments