FREEME ✌ ASTROLUX® EC06 6*XHP50.2 16000lm 566m 3*21700 USB-C Flashlight Group Buy >>> $73.99

Same here, interested

I held out long enough. Need to use those black Friday 40t cells for something !

I'm trying to buy a bunch of Vapcell T42's via alibaba. The place I'm dealing with quoted me a great price for qty 20, shipped, but we'll see - deal isn't done yet and wondering if she got the qty confused because it's about 1/2 the price I'd expect, even for wholesale cost.

This light have tripod mount to oppose ON/OFF button USB-C port is in between

How cheap? I saw what ends up as 10$ ea when you buy 10 but lionwholesale has them for 7.50ish ea

She quoted $55 US w/shipping for 20 - must be something wrong, I figured double that.


If they’re legit, and it’s not some sort of communication issue, that would be a great deal !

Wow, yes very unusual to see this (or any light) underrated by more than 10,000 lumens! I suppose it being direct drive makes this possible.
Surprising that Astrolux would underrate the advertised output by that much.

Your measurements combined with the GB price are steering me towards this light over the Acebeam X45 (4*XHP70.2 / 18000lm)
Looking forward to seeing someone else’s measurements to confirm this.

Interested :+1:

I just wish I could get this light in something warmer than 6500k, I know XHP50.2 emitters are available in 5700k but it’s not available in the EC06.


I received my EC06 a few days ago. I’m using Molicel P42A. Incredible bright, incredible price - thank you again freeme!

Compared to my MF01S it‘s much brighter.

I wonder if a SST40 5.000K version may be available in future? More throw, less self blinding lumen and warmer tint would be awesome.

FREEME…you have me a coupon a week or 2 ago and I just ordered now, the link went to Banggood. Thanks. I might buy some 5700k xhp50.2’s & have a go at swapping them with the 6500k factory ones. But Thanks man.

Ordered, thanks!!

I hope for the light to come with 5700k because they’re awesome!

Then I’d be in immediately!


I agree, and even better 5000K :wink:

I really wish Astrolux EA01S, and Lumintop FW1A Pro had a NW option, or even 5700K which is actually listed as Cool White, but I’d prefer it over 6500K.

This has been a problem lately it seems you can’t find any newly released flashlights with XHP50.2 (3V) in Neutral White option. Yes the LED’s seem to be available, but I think they’re kind of rare at this point, if you look you can find some NW bare LED’s around. I would think a flashlight manufacture would source them directly from CREE, but maybe there’s a supply line issue with them.

For anyone wanting to try a LED swap: Sofirn has some 3A/3B 5000K available at (just the bare LED’s). It’s what they’re using in Q8 Pro. Cutter also has 5000k (3B) currently available, but their shipping to USA is very high. Their listing shows 5000K for 3B, but when I put them in the cart it shows 5400K, so maybe they’re anywhere in between.

I have the Thrunite T1 XHP50.2 in NW, not sure the Kelvin temp but it’s a good neutral tint, I’m assuming it’s 5000K. Not really sure it’s the 3V version either, assumed it would have to be since it’s such a small (18350) light.

Pre-Order placed. Thanks Freeme.

Order placed, thank you for the deals!

Thanks for your support guys!

placed an order. Thanks!!